Champions #2 Review

Writer: Mark Waid / Artist: Humberto Ramos / Marvel Comics

Lemme learn you something, writing a team book ain’t easy. You are developing multiple characters instead of just one, having to switch the spotlight, as well as moving plots along. I am a huge fan of team books, especially dealing with teen heroes. There’s something about a younger generation learning the ropes all on their own that appeals to me. Marvel has produced a lot of good teen team books with The Runaways, New Mutants, and Young Avengers. Champions is only on its second issue and you can tell that we are gearing up for greatness with this series.

Waid uses dialogue as a way of team building and it comes across very true to life. you could see this scene playing out in real time as the Champions team are discussing amongst each other their abilities and what they bring to the table. This show and tell method is introduced by Ms. Marvel who is unknowingly becoming the unspoken leader for this group. Waid proves that he is a true teacher of the comic book game within this series as he has the characters acting accordingly as they do in their own titles. This may seem as a minute detail to point out but it’s truly something that deserves credit. Too often we see characters acting totally out of character for during cross overs or under someone else’s tenure *looks at Carol Danvers in Civil War II*.


Waid isn’t having any of that. I enjoyed Waid keeping everyone true to themselves and this team building method that Ms. Marvel has everyone undergoing in this series as well. The fact that everyone else recognizes how good she is getting at speeches shows she’s becoming ready for a leading role (and even being able to be groomed as the next Captain America in their eyes). Waid moves the plot along with great teen drama (I LOVE IT) but we also see the arrogance of Amadeus’ knowledge combined with his new hulk status, how Viv handles confrontation, as well as the friendship dynamic between Miles and Sam.

Humberto Ramos is that fucking dude on the art. I can’t stress that enough when we see Cyclops step onto the scene. Y’all going to learn to respect Scott Summers across the board man. Ramos does a great job displaying Summers abilities as well as the others during the show and tell. Even in a dark camp setting, he is able to make these characters pop brightly which I enjoy.


Y’all going best believe that Champions is flames with only their second issue out. This series is reminding me of the original Young Justice run back in DC comics. Marvel needs more books like this one with the legacy characters coming together. This is also a diverse as book across the board in terms of the characters as well.

9.3 Optic Blasts To Yo Dome out of 10
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