Champions #21 Review

Writer: Jim Zub / Artist: Sean Izaakse / Marvel Comics

The first small arc of Jim Zub’s run has come to a close. If this issue proves anything, the Champions are still my favorite team in Marvel. Last week’s issue ended with Captain Marvel and Alpha Flight crashing the party and…I just gotta say: for a woman who’s about to have her own movie in February, Marvel sure has spent the last two years making her unbearable.

Champions #21

I mean the Champions came in, defused the situation, and were willing to look at everything from a reasonable approach; while Captain Marvel comes barging in without any thought. It’s really hard to tell who the adults are in this situation. Yeah, obviously the Master of the World (still can’t get over that name) is definitely evil, but ya’ll just going to arrest the guy without probable cause? What’s good? At least the Champions sent Miles in to investigate before deciding whether or not he needed to catch a fade.

With both teams butting heads over what to do with the Master, and Alpha Flight initiating the fight, this leads to some excellently drawn superhero-on-superhero action by Izaakse. What I continue to love about Izaakse’s art is that he has such a pitch-perfect grasp on everyone’s power. Just pay close attention to every panel during the fight scenes and you’ll see that every hero is represented to the fullest. I enjoy that level of attention to detail.

Champions #21

The one problem that I have with this issue is the same problem that I have with a lot of books. The arc is really short, and feels like it ends abruptly. Things get resolved in the end, but I feel like another issue or two would have serviced it better. It would have fleshed out some of the stuff individual characters were dealing with when the arc first started, and added more weight to the conflict with Alpha Flight. However, it’s not enough to sour how well Zub writes the Champions or prevent you from enjoying the best superhero team in Marvel.

8.5 Intergalactic-Powered Interceptions out of 10

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