Convergence: Green Lantern Corps #1 Review

Writer: David Gallaher / Art: Andy Parks, Steve Ellis / DC Comics

Another Convergence issue in the Green Lantern mythos. This time we flash back to the days of Guy Gardner coming out of his coma and being livid at all that transpired while he was down and out. When I say livid I mean dude is absolutely pissed with Hal Jordan almost to an unfathomable degree. We see Guy getting therapy and meeting up with other Green Lantern regulars such as Carol Ferris and John Stewart, all on his quest to find Jordan and basically punch him in the face. This issue was really just about Guy Gardner trying to find and troll Hal Jordan while complaining that Jordan is the universe’s MVP while he had to struggle and scrap for his 15 seconds of fame. The majority of my joy came from seeing how John Stewart was living during this whole convergence.


Parks and Ellis did a great job capturing the back in the day Hal, Carol, Guy and John. The look head a real late 80’s feel to it. This issue is really only enjoyable if you are a die hard Guy Gardner fan and I say die hard in the sense that he can do no wrong because of his whining. To be fair we are going back into a time before Gardner was seasoned and became the rebellions (less of a-holish) Guy we have since come to know and respect. It’s a very nostalgic read to say the most as we continue on with the entirety of DC’s Convergence.


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