Convergence: Superman #1 Review

writer: Dan Jurgens / artist: Lee Weeks / DC Comics

So here we are, DC’s “Convergence” event. Yay… Without going into my personal bellyaching about the event before it gets any footing, there are two things that are most important. One, it’s a cool way to see some pre (or just not New 52) DC characters in action where they might actually count for something moving forward. However, I don’t see any way this doesn’t become just overly complicated and a tangled mess of epic proportions, just off the premise alone. But here we are, so, let’s have some fun with it, right?

All that preamble given, I enjoyed Superman Convergence #1. In pre-flashpoint Gotham, Superman has been trapped there, sans powers, since the Braniac dome went up over a year ago (timelines yo, who needs ’em right?). Clark is literally getting his Batman on with Lois playing the part of Oracle when the dome is mysteriously lifted, giving him his powers back and restoring things to the way they used to be. Okay, not really, like at all.

As you know from the Convergence storyline (because I know you spent two hours studying up on this first), Braniac has imprisoned infinite cities and suspended them in time. The Superman crew can’t go back to Metropolis, or the Metropolis they once knew, because it doesn’t really exist anymore. Instead, in some perverse tournament of champions, Braniac is pitting this collection of cities against each other, this particular Gotham City vs Gotham City of Flashpoint. That’s right, Thomas “I’m the kind of Batman that will hit you with some paralyzing batarangs and then put two bullets in your chest first, then ask questions later” Wayne is BAAAACK. Or as Omar would say, THE BEST Batman (we debate this often).  While the virtuous Superman wants to see what can be worked out with the Flashpoint Gotham, you might imagine their Batman has a slightly different strategy. Like the opposite.

I also dug the art on this as it feels  pre-Flashpoint while still being clean and well organized. Characters look the way we remember them in these specific books and timelines in an intentional way that puts you in a place that feels “other” than what we’ve been accustomed to these last few years.

Despite my cynicism, I enjoyed this first Convergence title. While it will be the first of a sprawling storyline that may become large and unwieldy, the pledge upfront is a good one.


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