ODY-C #4 Review

writer: Matt Fraction / artist: Christian Ward / Image Comics

So… where can I get this Odyssia cosplay jumping off? Like for real, she’s already among my favorite heroes in comics just four books in (I would say heroine, but given the way this book treats gender, that kind of labeling seems irrelevant). After being taken prisoner by the Cyclops in the previous issue, this issue mostly focuses on Odyssia leading her warriors to an escape from the feeding troughs. I really enjoyed this issue and the unique ways it spun the escape from the original source but this might have been the Christian Ward show. I don’t know if the art graphic nature of the Cyclops decimating these women and (welp) feeding on them would be more disturbing if the art wasn’t so surreal or not. I doubt it. The style and how it spins lore, really caters to the outright brutality of these last two issues in particular. It’s not that a particular battle seems bloody and gory, ITS ALWAYS bloody and gory. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Even though most of the heavy lifting of this battle with the Cyclops was done previously, it was still a good resolution to that part of the tale, especially how it transitions to the next with this version of “nymphs.”

And like any good yarn, we briefly got some good goddess on goddess strife as Zeus doesn’t like her sisters interfering with her plans. This vision of Zeus as a reckless and omnipotent, yet emotionally vulnerable is fascinating as I don’t know that we’ve seen it before.

ODY-C continues to be gorgeous and grotesque and beautiful in its interpretation of the well-traveled story. Fraction and Ward are doing something truly unique that really hits the sweet spot for the comic and historical literary nerd alike.


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