Counterpart Recap: No Man’s Land, Part One

Season: 1 / Episode: 9 / Starz

***Spoilers grabbing your car service right after this murder commences. Previous COUNTERPART recaps are here***

Look yo, gonna warn you know. This recap is long. But yo, this episode had way too much shit going on and it deserved it. Lettttsss Gooooo!

Flashback Time!

Man, we start this shit off with Howard the Lame in the hospital waiting room cuz E-Coma done got sideswiped on the block. This muthafucka Andrei, walked up in the spot and befriended Howard right there. Howard ain’t even ask no questions cuz dudes don’t just be chillin’, waiting for the bus or some shit and decide to kick it in the hospital waiting room. All Welp, All the time.

Here’s Judas!

Howard in Black gets the call in the middle of the night. This bastard Saint Judas Pete calling HIB to give him a warning. Like he doing your boy a favor. They’re coming for you. HIB ain’t even got time to ask, well why they coming for me muthafucka? He just gotta get the fuck out. Aldrich and the Cleaners come through and saw this shit is empty cuz HIB done let out the back and shit.

Over on Prime, your boy Shaw is fed up. He out here at the Pope estate quietly waiting for a track to explode on. Pope come through with his handbag sized pet and Shaw is like, so I hear you been dipping into my stash, bruh. He knows that Kasper been informing Pope and tipped them off and Pope don’t even try to deny that shit. He like, yeah, so, how was your visit to that Black Ops shit I’ve been running. I hope the accommodations were adequate.

Problem is Shaw think just cuz he holding a gun that he got control of the situation and he threatens to kill Pope or bring him in to management. Bruh… does he not know who the fuck Pope is? You think a dude with his connects, that can run a fully funded operation under the nose of management, ain’t got contingency plans?

And the Pope Taketh Away

Pope have his boys come through and point the hollow points at Shaw before he start talking that shit. He let loose that Howard ain’t really Howard in these Prime streets, but he can tell that Shaw already knew that shit. Shaw was hoping that Emily Prime aka EPMD was going to come to him about that shit first. Gotdamn, everybody getting their heart broken. Pope walks smooth the fuck off like: good luck with Kasper, better find that snitch before I do.

Earth Proper got its own problems cuz Baldwin been working. She hands the last of the ideas to these Children of the Corn bastards so that they can blend in. These muthafuckas so savage they still wiping the blood off the glasses of their doubles. Baldwin, you can’t even put a handkerchief to the blood splattered glasses fam? Gotdamn.

Kasper phoning home and shit. Pope gives him cypher. Kasper trying to get clear cuz he really think Pope bout to take care of him. But Pope really just wants to take care of him. The Housekeeping Prime crew intercept the call and find out where the ex-filtration is going to be. Shaw tells Howard to keep his ass behind…mostly cuz he’d be useless anyway.

counterpart no mans land

Children of the Corn Ain’t Nothin’ To Fuck With

The COC getting ready and this shit look even scarier with them putting on professional gear like they bout to do their dirt at an advertising pitch. Advertising something terrible and murderous, though. Just so we’re clear. So like…tobacco. Then one of these dudes does a line of coke, as you do…to get into character before he leaves…

…right into the wings of corporate. These muthafuckas are infiltrating the house that management built?!?! Oh, hell nah.

Nadia? I Barely Knew Her

Baldwin out shopping with new boo Greta and calling Snake Ass Clare. SAC got the burner in the vents and hears that shit ringing but can’t get to it. Oh, she can’t get to it cuz she still handcuffed in the bathroom fam. Good gawd. Judas Pete for real said, fuck due process, and just keeping her locked up in the designer bathroom for the long haul.

Greta trying to expand Baldwin’s wardrobe but she still keeping her in all black cuz Baldwin got a brand to protect. UNTIL NADIA’S FORMER PARTNER SEES THEM IN THE STORE OH FUCK THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. Look, you can play off, ‘oh, that’s not me, you must be thinking of somebody else’ to basically anyone but that person’s direct family or the love of their fucking life. Watching Baldwin be like, I ain’t Nadia with Nadia’s fucking face to her partner was crushing, yo. Now, your girl think Nadia faked her death or some shit cuz she read the gotdamn eulogy when they lowered Nadia into the earth. She gotta legit think that someone faked their own death to escape a life with her and be in a different relationship.


Of course Greta is like “Who the fuck is this bih” and Nadia is like, yeah, prank caller fam. I dunno, I guess I got one of those scarred up faces, am I right? Man, Greta being real forgiving about this shit but Baldwin is like, yeah, I don’t know her. Assassin, please.

Shaw and EPMD on the stake out. EPMD thanks Shaw for his patience and goes for the hand grab and Shaw is like, yeah so about that? We trust each other, right? EPMD is like of course [shakes head vigorously internally].

counterpart no mans land

Snitchin’ Season

Everybody waiting on this Kasper snitch. Shaw’s folks, Pope’s folks. Ayebody. Kasper get off the train but its easy to tell that he’s got a tail. On some low economic gangsta shit, one of Pope’s people drop some paper clips in Kasper’s path. Paper clips yo. Like 68 cents at Staples gonna blow up your whole muthafuckin’ sting operation? I say gotdamn.

Kasper is spooked (nah, I know y’all want me to make that joke, but its too easy, yo) and turns around to go back down to the trains. Just so you know this shit is mad serious, one of Shaw’s people closing in on Kasper gets knifed the fuck up. So… we just doing this gangsta shit in broad daylight? We ain’t about that covert anymore? Aiight then. Shaw saw his boy bleeding out and was like, so this sucks but…where did Kasper go. Shaw know he that dude cuz he disarms one of Pope’s folks and chokes him out with one arm. EPMD snatches up Kasper and tells him he gotta flip cuz Pope was bout to merk him anyway.

Judas Pete watching the security detail outside of his house. Your boy been wearing the same shit since he changed out of his suit after the birthday party. HIB comes in the back and tries to get the rundown. Judas Pete don’t know shit (or so he says) except that Aldrich came looking for him, supposedly cuz his cover is blown. HIB tells him that folks are infiltrating shit and its about to go down, so they need to talk to Clare. Then the baby start crying which is a direct lie from Judas Pete cuz he said SAC and the borrowed name Spencer weren’t there.

Then your boy Judas Pete does the slowest gun pull ever. I half expected him to shoot himself in the foot three times before he brought the gun level. HIB is like, you gotta be fuckin’ kidding me man. HIB telling him that this plan is fuckin’ terrible but Judas Pete ain’t trying to hear it. Then Judas Pete tries to get cocky and HIB disarms him like he was tying his shoes or some shit. HIB tells him that he done fucked up now and bounces before folks rush in after the gunshot.

Dead Sons From The Other Side

On Prime, they interrogating Kasper and he giving up all the goods. Shaw gotta be tired of all this shit. His woman lying to him. His arch nemesis is here but he ain’t really. Which is worse cuz this Howard is a bigger threat to his relationship because he actually gives a fuck. And now he finds out one of his dudes been snitching for 3 years. Yeah, Shaw has fucking had it. He throws Kasper’s briefcase against the wall and that shit explodes into child memories and memorabilia.

counterpart no mans land

Turns out, Kasper’s son is dead. Well, here anyway. And he was working for Pope cuz Pope was going to let him see his son on the other side. Man, they just twist the knife on a muthafucka, don’t they? Also, if anyone else needs proof that Howard is not HIB, HIB would’ve never came over and helped Kasper pick up his belongings and asked about his son. HIB had that shit stripped away from him like ‘de stremf uh de blek penta’ before challenge day.

Kasper is like, fam, these dude is serious. Emily over there was trying to warn people about this, I told Pope and now Emily is E-Coma. Maaaaaaan, Howard wasn’t ready to hear that shit. Now we seeing that HIB come out. Your boy grabbed Kasper by the trench coat and was about to give him the work until EPMD called him off.

Something Ain’t Stirring the Prohibition Kool-Aid

Aldrich comes back to Judas Pete and JP is like, Howard broke into my house and threatened me. Man, Aldrich looking around…everything looks in order. No disturbance. No break in. JP breathing just fine. Yeah, this shit is off. Aldrich leaves and gets word that HIB’s place was clean, but they still looking for him cuz he might know what’s going on if they can’t get it from JP.

SAC still handcuffed says she couldn’t keep Borrowed Name Spencer quiet cuz she only got one arm. JP is like bet, so he uncuffs her wrist and cuffs her ankle instead. SAC is like, let me call the bae Baldwin, put her on HIB and we would be good. JP is like…so, I’m just gonna take our baby out the room since you still talking murder.

HIB: Howard In Bullshit

HIB goes to Andrei and gives him a package to give to Emily when she wakes up. Andrei confesses to HIB that he befriended Howard cuz he felt bad for him. HIB gotta be like, I gotta get out of this pathetic Howard suit as soon as possible.
Now that SAC can reach the vent, she hits up Baldwin. She tells Baldwin that Howard Silk gots to go. Baldwin is like, whatever, I need that shit in small unmarked bills.

Meanwhile, JP trying to drink these problems away, but when your father in law, father to your snake ass spouse calls, you gotta answer. He like, ayo, Pete, is you dead my dude? Cuz if you not, then you need to bring your ass work. He finally convinces JP to suit up and be fucking useful, but then we see that his admin is one of the COC. Fuck.

JP getting ready to go to work and SAC is like, so, that would be a bad idea. I can’t tell you why, you lust can’t. JP sees the loose vent and finds her burner phone. JP looking disgusted but yo WE SHOULD’VE BEEN PAST THIS ALREADY. SAC gives him the run down like, look, I thought you were shit then, don’t really think you shit now. And Minding her Own Business Clare was dumb, too. But Spencer is mine. So…as long as you down to protect her, we cool.

Which is a lovely sentiment…but Judas Pete ain’t gonna at least call in the bomb threat for work?!?! What the fuck, man. Pay someone to do this shit man, but you just not gonna do anything? My gawd.

Nostalgia Don’t Live Here

On Prime, EPMD and Howard talking and Howard trying to be nostalgic and shit and EPMD is like, “does not compute.” Basically, Howard is like, I gotta get back to my Emily cuz shit was a lot simpler loving you while you’re in a hospital bed.
Man, we have arrived. One of the COC is on shipping and your dude greenlights the weapons packages coming through. So…this shit is Danger Close for real.

JP takes SAC to the car for a reckless ass drive. You know, since he didn’t go to work and he didn’t warn anybody. This dude, admits that he’s such a damn coward, that he’s drives high speed, dead into another car with his wife riding shotgun.

HIB goes back to “work” and Aldrich knows he’s there. While they taking him back, the COC getting ready to strike. We just delivering M-4’s man? Here’s that mass murder you ordered. HIB is like, you know its JP’s wife man, like, are you fucking kidding me with this. While that dick wagging is going on, the COC is locked and fucking loaded. Diplomacy gets the call about his not-Clare being in the hospital. He calls Helen to bring his car around and Helen is like, sure, right after I get done murdering everyone in this fucking building.

counterpart no mans land

Murda Muzik in the Key of E Flat

She walks past him and lets the lead fly. My gawd, this ain’t some send a message shit. They shooting muthafuckas center mass, in the back, through cubicle walls, behind their company issued terminals, all that shit. Aldrich and the Housekeepers go out to see what’s going down. When one of the COC opens the security doors, HIB can finally get out of the box. The last COC is at the border, executing all of customs men. He spraying the whole club up man.

“Helen” goes to finish off a couple of folks she winged, but before she can execute that kill order, HIB domes her with a piece he picked up.

Aldrich finally catches up to that last COC and put a couple of shots in him. This dude struggle shoots his way to the line and collapses on the border like he claiming diplomatic immunity or some shit. Aldrich stops them and says, nah, he crossing over so they can’t touch him.
I know, I know. I was wrong before. But now there’s a whole office full of dead muthafuckas. I think its safe to say that things are as bad as they ever were.

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