Crosswind #5 Review

Writer: Gail Simone / Artist: Cat Staggs / Image Comics

Last issue of Crosswind was explanatory. This issue? Also explanatory, but also full of stabbings, shootings, threats, and…young love? What? Yes. Yes indeed.

We start out with Cason trying to fit in at being a mom in Seattle — well sort of. She does tell meek step-son, Kelly, to “Be the Shark.” But still, she’s trying. Juniper meanwhile is trying to fit in in Chicago by ordering a goon squad to go jump Cruz. Except June doesn’t know that Cruz is at that moment terrorizing Mika — until Cruz has to go and gloat about it, trying to egg June into coming over.

But before June can get herself together and get to Cruz to save Mika, Cruz meets the cause of all the drama, the guy with the magic touch who switched June and Case in the first place. His story is a great twist, adding an additional level of perspective and pathos to the mess that June and Case are trying to sort through.

That sorting through thing…This is where Simone really brings the story home, because each of them finds someone to confide in, and really digs deep on what is going on. I liked Case and June as stereotypes before, but now, after each of them has their own separate moment of truth, I love them as examples of real people. And the real people they turn to for insight? That’s even better.

Staggs just keeps bringing the goodness with her panel work, which is so consistent and so effective. Every smile, every smirk, every flirtation is right there. Simone can just do all the telling because Staggs is doing all the showing. Together, this is a slow-motion movie and the climactic scene is coming soon!

Speaking of movies, you may have heard that Crosswind is heading for television, with Simone and Staggs both on as producers.

This is a great comic, and the TV show can be just as good. But first, the final issue is coming. Let’s see what #TeamCason and #TeamJuniper get up to? This month, I’m TeamJuniper all the way.

9 sharks among minnows out of 10

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