writer: Greg Rucka; art: Russell Dauterman

This book is very cool. Fact. As generic as that sounds, conceptually I love that it has taken such a popular and well traveled character and blown up his “origin” in a very original way. I love that he has taken this character out of his canon and still maintain’s the young Scott Summers we know. My concern previously about the first issue was that Greg Rucka did such a good job to build up the supplemental characters just to desert them. Well, it seems Rucka does well building supplemental characters consistently, as we catch up with one of Corsair’s old friends and a possible love interest for Scott.

This issue also gave us a central conflict that wasn’t present (or needed) in the first issue as there must be a debilitating health issue with Corsair, in addition to the large bounty on his head. Also, how cool is Corsair in this book? He seems to be the polar opposite of Charles Xavier when it comes to mentoring Cyclops and it opens up a lot of character development for him that may not have been possible in the traditional X-Men universe.

Cyclops, under the pen of the reliable Greg Rucka, continues to be a fun and complex world. Putting one of the most recognized and divisive X-Men on a completely different path than we are used to has been rewarding thus far.


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