Days of Hate #3 Review


Writer:Ales Kot /Artist: Daniel Žeželj /Image Comics

Days of Hate issue 3 reads like a debate between two political analysts. Sitting on opposite sides of a table. On opposite sides of the aisle. On opposite sides of the country. Arguing on Facebook. In the comments section. Over a clickbait article. Posted by an anonymous third party.

The third installment of a twelve part series takes pains to assassinate the character of ‘the liberal’ by way of the self-righteous Amanda. Meanwhile, dubious xenophobe Agent Freeman is still leveraging Amanda’s ex-wife for information about her character while Amanda is on a cross-country mission: blowing up fascist strongholds. Freeman wants her caught, and is using Amanda’s former wifey Xing to learn how ‘the other side’ thinks.

Agent Freeman attempts to garner background info on Amanda prompts him to tip his hand and show his cards. In doing so, writer Ales Kot provides the first ‘traditional’ exposition and tells the reader why this vision of the future exists.

Each issue has a theme that is scaffolded across the book to build the characters simultaneously for the reader. DOH #2 recalled the monsters we are and the monsters we imagine. Days Of Hate #3 is almost entirely focused on the illusion of communication. Daniel Žeželj knocks it out of the park devising panels that show us character text saying one thing and eyes drawn that say something completely different. All without having to spell it out! This book is on some next level shit.

Even on an aesthetic level, DOH has something to say to us. The covers of each book are indicative of some deep message. Issue 3 is a doozy, with Žeželj’s take on the infamous Lorraine Motel (where Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated) photograph. Set in the stark and solid relief of the previous covers. There’s even a ‘suggested media’ page of each issue that plays out like a subversive college curriculum when you string it all together. Just know that politically and philosophically, Days of Hate plays no games.

If what one believes defines one’s reality, then Days of Hate has some deep insight on what really lies ahead if our country continues on its current political trajectory.

8 data mined Facebook accounts out of 10

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