District 11 Salute To Jon Stewart Leaving The Daily Show

Yo Man……..

News hit last night that Jon Stewart aka Mr. Giving Ya The New News Since ’99 aka The Ally Gawd will be hanging up the jersey and leaving The Daily Show. The Daily Show, although not specifically a nerd show, had became so heavily routed in pop culture via their style to journalism and reporting the news that we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about how this feels like hearing that your cool friend is moving out of state. Sure you’ll keep in contact but god damn man, things gone change for real. I remember when Daily Show use to be hosted by Craig Kilborn and then Jon Stewart came in and just changed the fucking game. I recognized him from his stand up (a special that even my mom enjoyed) and I don’t even fuck with news or politics like that, but after watching an episode, then another, and another I came to see that Stewart’s style and the shows format made it so easy to digest without all the nuance and pretentiousness.

My man never missed a beat either and he became this figure? Icon?
Avatar: The Last Reporter Not Blowing Smoke Up your Ass? Front-man for older liberals and a new generation of young teenagers /adults that was fucking trustworthy man. You know he made waves cause the dude so coy and mild mannered but every other news stations sees him as if he’s Ric Flair The Dirtiest Player in The Game. Nah, Jon just one of the most honest and likable. Remember that time he called Hannity a dick on dude’s own show!?!? That boy Stewart ain’t ever liiiiiiiie.

They Mad?
They Mad?

The Daily Show has become the news version of SNL and the correspondents would come on, murder, then leave the show to do TV shows & movies (Steve Carell). Or go about creating a new version of news satire on Comedy Central (Stephen Colbert). Or just become household names like Jessica Williams, Larry Wilmore, Ed Helms, Mo Rocca, John Oliver, Oliva Mun, Michael Che, etc., each bringing their own spin on issues via feminism, race, and current events. Daily Show been in the game (with Stewart) since 1999 and if you look at their roster from then to now? It looks like the X-Men Gold and Blue Squads for real. It’s overdosing with immense talent.

Each correspondent is like a specially trained assassin for humor and it’s so dope to see which one takes on the topic at hand for the night. If we look at the grand scheme of things The Daily Show has become Skynet because we were seeing Steve, Jon, and Stephen branch out and take over television, and now with the addition of Larry Wilmore’s Nightly Show, the empire is fucking expanding still, man.

I’ma keep it 100… Jon Stewart is that muthafucking dude. My man was out here putting folks on game. He talked to Bill O’Reily on white privilege which is like talking to a brick wall about marble countertops, but bruh took that shit on head on. He was covering Ferguson, the Eric Garner case, Islamaphobia, just straight going hard as hell in the ally. My man was out here checking cats talkin’ mess on Beyonce, man. Jon Stewart is someone I trust to talk with me and not at me when it comes to any issue. Trust is a key thing that media has been lacking on and I get it you can say he is far left, and he is liberal propaganda and go head do that… but you know from the fucking start he is genuine.

Instead of just mentioning the lives of black men that were killed in passing, Stewart took the time to truly address it and at times was often speechless. He also had the integrity to apologize and correct himself on information that was misrepresented as was the with case of Dante Parker whose death wasn’t related to a deputy shooting as was reported on the Daily Show. Stewart apologized and showed he’d get dragged for the error by other news outlets places he criticizes (and boy did they) but he took it all simply responding with:

“Here’s the thing, The Daily Show has to be right 100% of the time… Fox only has to be right once.”

Man listen, if I’m walking by an alley and saw Jon Stewart murder somebody I’ma be like “Jon? Bruh, what you doing man you can’t be out here wylin like this! Aye man. Look. Yo…. you were never here and I ain’t see shit.” Jon Stewart the best to ever do it for the news game and The Daily Show without him is sure to be fucking missed. So to the genius of comedy, the man of the people, To Jon Stewart for his years of service and this last year he about to grace us with of service we salute you man…


a little happenstance occurred a few weeks back I was talking with Will Evans and I had this thought of Jon Stewart retiring soon. Again then it seemed unfathomable but I said that, thinking that he may have thought it was time to pass the torch. To who you ask? Who could champion the cause? Who could become the hero we need and deserve that could champion The Daily Show? Well if my prediction can come true and be 2 for 2 then……

Nuff. Said.

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