Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian Got Us All Shades of Shook

Listen, the Solo trailer was fly. I’m happy for you, Han, but young Lando tho? *Pushes Han Solo out the damn way* Donald Glover’s Young Lando “Doors up on the Lambo” Calrissian managed to steal the whole show. I’m talking the curtains, the show floor, costumes, spotlight, all gone on some real smuggler shit. How you rob a whole ass trailer on your lonesome by just standing still flexing?

Young Lando Calrissian is in this trailer oozing the confidence of Cam’ron’s legendary rap city basement freestyle while he was counting money. Yeah, it’s that serious. I just need to break down how balling Lando is looking in these pictures. Your boy out here showing us how he was gettin’ it back in the day slammin’ doors on the Cadillac Millennium Falcon.

Lando Lightning

The name’s Lando Calrissian, you broke muhfuckas

In space, everybody can hear you stunt. I don’t have the credit score to even look directly at this picture, man. I need to move to this galaxy because apparently you can say fuck it and order a coat made out of Black excellence.

Lando Calrissian out here looking like he just got done trapping in Canto Bight. Lando Calrissian out here looking like he flipped Jay’s 92 bricks. Lando Calrissian out here looking like he just ordered a Lyft spaceship.

Why Lando dressed like a Pusha-T verse in the flesh? “I put this on the Sith, my nephew was six when he felt Ewok”.

Why Lando look like he listening to a message from Mufasa? “Lando. Son… you out here KILLING THESE FUCK BOIS, YA HEARD!? Yeeeer.”

Stay woke, smugglers creepin

Lando Calrissian sitting at the table looking like Order 4:44. I don’t know what the Star Wars equivalent to Studio 54, is but I know Lando is there right now. I ain’t ready for a seat at that table, I can already tell. That the grown folk business to grown for me.

My man got that “You’re the only Spades partner I trust” smile. My man got that “You know you done fucked up now, right?” smirk. My man got that “Game: Blouses” grin.

Lando lookin’ across the table sayin, “I don’t always con a man for everything he owns, but when I do, I take the draws too”. Lando lookin’ cross the table like, “The Empire can’t strike back against these RACKS my smuggler.”

Off the strength of just the trailer sample, we’re all kinds of ready for Donald Glover’s Lando to bless us in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Then bless us in his own movie cause that’s what we’re here for. Till then we’re just going to leave you with that Stephen “Art God” Byrne’s art of our boy dressed in the iconic blue and gold outfit. We need that Ric Flair level “wooo!” for this right here.

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