“If This Is Just A Taste, Give Me All Of It”, Yes to ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Lucasfilm barely gave me time to recover from the roller coaster that was Stars Wars: The Last Jedi before pulling the lever for the next Star Wars ride. Solo: A Star Wars Story, starring Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, is the second anthology film in the series and will tell the story of the young smuggler before he became the legendary nerfherder that we all know and love. From the start of the official trailer, shit is serious. High-speed chases, explosions, fighting, etc. This movie is going to mean business. And if this is a just a taste of what I’m to expect, then give me ALLLLLL of it.

The tricky thing with ensemble films is that the chemistry needs to be 100% throughout each bonded character. If one person feels off, it can throw the whole movie on its ass. But everybody looks pretty tight. Haymitch Abernathy is once again playing the role of the mentor, this time to the young Solo (gosh that sounds weird). Daenarys Targaryen is keeping a cap on burning bitches, and is instead shown being empathetic(?) towards our main hero. Love interest??? I don’t know, anything B.L (Before Leia) is bound to be bittersweet, but maybe they’ll end up surprising us in some way. Alpha 5 look-alike is also in this and looks promising. Maybe they’re a better, more competent version of C-3PO.

The one person I am SO excited to see has definitely got to be Lando Calrissian, played by the amazing, Donald Glover. He came into this trailer punching people in the face with his F-A-S-H-I-O-N. He doesn’t even need to say much, his presence gives me all I need to understand that Glover is going to be one of the best parts of this film.

The one person I am a little worried about is Ehrenreich. I just don’t completely buy him as Han. He kind-of has the look, I guess, but I don’t know if his voice throws me off or I find the dialogue trying too hard or what. I just kind of feel “meh” towards his portrayal in the trailer. But I’m still optimistic about the movie. It’s bound to be action-packed, and that’s what I really need more of right now from Star Wars.

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