Doom Patrol / JLA #1 Review

Writer: Steve Orlando, Gerard Way / Artist: Dale Eaglesham, Nick Derington / DC Comics

Since we reviewed the first part of the Milk Wars, the other Young Animal titles have had their own bizarre crossover adventures. We had a priest Batman, a housewife Wonder Woman, and a special appearance by Swamp Things. I’d definitely recommending picking parts 2, 3, and 4 to fully appreciate the parody, the inanity, and have some sense of the narrative. Because, by the coffee stained map of the multiverse, there is a lot going on.

Like any proper evil corporation, Retconn is trying profit off of the suffering of millions and our heroes are making one last grand stand to try and stop them in its track. The poster boy of the Milk Wars, Milkman Man milking his screen time and the artwork really catches your eye… I can’t help make the horrible puns here.

The series is bonkers in the best way. When you get to the full splash page of every single character involved the shenanigans pop out of a cybernetic eye, coupled with what is possible the best/worst dad joke to ever be uttered in a DC Comic title in forever. Orlando and Way know how to have fun, and more importantly they tie all the shenanigans to a very somber throughline about the creative process.

Retconn represents corporate, censorship, gatekeeping. The characters are creators constantly trying to express their agency and unique attribute and support each other through increasingly elaborate circumstances. As Rita Farr struggles to make it out of a developing hell, Doom Patrol & Justice League America & Co try to keep their existence from vanishing. The story is both wonderfully meta and enjoyable on its own right. The panel work is brilliant. Eaglesham and Derrington marry the mainline DC style with the Young Animal imprint.

There are hauntingly beautiful moments and equally jubilant moments that leave you trying to verbalize “$%!?” It’s weird. It escalates quickly. If you haven’t been keeping up, maybe wait for the trade. If you have been though, pick up your pull and put this on top. You’re in for a trip and the genesis of the next wave of Young Animal titles.

Doom Patrol / Justice League America #1 gets 9.0 “RetCons of Retro Characters” out of 10

Curious about the Milk Wars?Find BNP’s coverage on the udder-ly bizarre DC Crossover event here.

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