Episode 7 Euphoria Recap: The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed

So in the recap from the previous episode, not these recaps but the one that comes on before the current episode, we see Cassie at home crying after Daniel’s Halloween party looking at a full box of tampons, so…Cassie’s period hasn’t come? First I do not remember this happening in the episode before – when did this happen?? Also damn.

Let’s rewind a bit to where it all started – Cassie at 11 years old. Well I don’t know how old she is in this flashback but she is a small child sitting in a pink power wheels at her birthday party.

P.S. this is the first episode besides the pilot not named after a rap song… What does it mean??


So Cassie’s dad was handsome, (played by the guy who plays Lance Hunter in S.H.I.E.LD, Nick Blood.) He would flirt with all the ladies and they ate it up too. Mind you in this scene he is surrounded by ladies at his daughters own birthday party and they are stroking his face any certain times. I’m like it’s one thing to flirt, what’s with the caressing?? Anyways Cassie’s mom hated it, but Cassie’s dad really did love his family. From what it looked like it didn’t seem like he was cheating but I’m gonna be honest I couldn’t totally tell.

Cassie’s dad wanted her to be a professional figure skater.

She had a natural talent for it! But he couldn’t pay for lessons anymore so he stopped encouraging her. Jeez. When Cassie got older she started becoming best friends with her mom and her dad started to be a bit distant. Probably because he had a hard time keeping a job and making enough money for the family. Speaking of family, as Cassie began to develop her relatives would keep pointing it out, like “oh you really filled out” and “I bet you have all the boys chasing you.” CREEEEPY AF!

Cassie’s mom loved to drink and let loose at parties when she did, in a way that embarrassed her dad. They would fight real loud and Cassie and Lexi would hold each other down. Which also Cassie is older than Lexi?? I did NOT guess that.

One day her dad is not there anymore and Cassie’s mom said she was convinced he couldn’t handle a steady job and couldn’t take the responsibilities of family life so he left, as she drinks her abnormally large glass of wine. A healthy glass of wine. But at school and around town people were saying Cassie’s dad left them because her mom cheated on him. I don’t know what is true really…

Cassie’s dad would come visit every week, then every other week and then every other month or so, and then not at all. Sadly I remember those days, visits with dad that he’d cancel for whatever reason – what a drag. Worse though is Cassie’s dad gets in a horrible accident when drinking and driving. Doctor’s say they are not sure he’ll be able to walk again, and frankly it looks like he is lucky to be alive at all. But his face looks like he doesn’t feel lucky… like his expression not his face cuz of the accident. He was in the ICU for 23 days, they put him on fentanyl and a cocktail of drugs for the pain – and we know where this story goes…
Cassie was by his side the whole time, that daddy’s girl through and through. After his recovery they would still text and keep in touch, until one day the texts stop coming.

But then a week after her 15th birthday she gets a call from a weird number saying its dad I’m outside or something. She meets him at the garage and he is fiendin, track marks – his teeth are like gollum after living with the one ring for QUITE sometime and he coughing and saying precious – just kidding. But he is skiddish and not making eye contact, Cassie is crying and he’s like don’t cry I just need to pick up a few things – she’s like what number was that? And he’s like I’ll let you know when I get a new phone. He passes by her without as little of a touch, steals the good china and gets into the passengers seat of a car with some strangers, and she never sees him again. Holy mackerel wth.

So naturally Cassie is looking for a good guy who could be loyal and since shes has no idea what that is, she falls in love with every guy she spends time with. Why is every guy she meets despicable. They always ask the same thing, to film some sexual act. Cassie doesn’t want to but peer pressure is a MF for her and she acquiese’s. These F-ers then leak the videos once they break up.

Then she met McKay and they fell in love, like together this time not her and the other guy is a deusch. Although McKay cares too much what other people think, but you know that’s 19 years old for ya. After all this, we see Cassie crying with the results of a pregnancy test – I’m guessing it’s positive…

Cassie now knowing this huge secret – holding it inside figuratively and literally – no I mean literally they show the growing cells inside her… or it might be Rue’s bladder I think they make it ambiguous on purpose. Cassie is getting ready in the morning and says she looks different, Lexi snaps at her like, you always look good just like everyone has been telling you your whole life. I’m like damn little sister living in the big sister’s shadow here awkward, but Cassie looks like, thanks for the compliment.


Rue is in a deep binge session with the show Love Island. This is like the third time I’ve heard about this show, should I watch it? I watch reality tv buuuut not like that. I digress Ru watches reality tv because its pure effortless entertainment- agreed. She feels reality tv is clutch when you are depressed because it’s not work like MadMen or something. Also do you think they have to get the rights to reference all of these shows? Maybe they all own each other or it’s product placement. Rue is so depressed she doesn’t even want to go to the bathroom. I’ve done that before but more like I’m so lazy I don’t even want to get up, so a little different, or a lot different…Because when you are depressed you can’t stop yourself from feeling worse as Rue puts it.

After Halloween Jules didn’t go to school for a week and was not responding to texts. Rue knew something was wrong and it had to do with Nate.

ding ding Detective Rue!

We are now in a modern crime drama like law and order with an old style feel like from the 50s or something like Roger Rabbit. Forreal Rue is at the city jail smoking a cigarette just tryna put all the pieces together. In a cool as shot it merges with the next scene as she’s pacing and trying to make sense of the clues. I’m Morgan Freeman at the beginning of the third act she says – what! Lol.

Lexi is helping her and at first I thought the cigarettes were an imagination, but then Lexi is all like the cigarettes are killing me! Lol I cannot with this show I just cannot.

The Bromance between Lexi and Rue is everything – yea I said bromance it’s an adjective now. Although I am still down for the poly relationship between Rue, Lexi and Jules (fingers crossed).

So Rue thinks Jules is in love with Nate (close buuuut no)
Lexi challenges her like why would Jules be in love with Nate? – because she wouldn’t.

Rue makes some pretty good observations and points but she’s not totally accurate, but getting there. This show is so meta, Rue’s voice has done the voiceovers this whole time so it feels like she knows everything, but in the present this Rue is just trying to figure it all out.

Then they had the Topeka Kansas moment (that is a reference to Black Dynamite for anyone confused.) Nate used the name Tyler when texting Jules through that dating app – what I never paid attention to is that guy Nate assaulted, his name is TYLER CLARKSON! The guy from the pool with Maddy. This means Nate is a diabolicle sociopath, if or when he gets caught because I need to see him go down – they have sooo much evidence of premeditated crime here. AH!

Rue is realizing its all connected (at this very moment me too..) Maddy was 17 Tyler 22 that’s statutory, but getting an assault charge is lighter, but why would Nate single out Jules? Rue thinks it’s cuz he is attracted to her. HHHMMMMM I feel like this is a game of hot and cold, like she’s getting warmer, but no one really knows how sadistic Nate is so they can’t really get to the bottom of the situation. She also takes a sec to let Lexi know that he had a very nice d**k “Very clean.” LOL!

While she is describing this, there are pictures and papers all over the floor strings connecting everything, her room / life is a mess! And Lexi isn’t even there anymore! She’s on the phone like “you’re too close to this case.” What is even going on?! I love how they are both taking it so seriously. I mean it is serious but they are in character 1000% Rue stops and starts WebMDing bipolar disorder, trying to figure out if that’s her.


Looking back on the Halloween party what we think happened, happened. Kate slept with Daniel at the party and has a certain look of achievement on her face, like a notch in her belt has been made. She says she always thought she’d lose her virginity to him. He was like wth, “you’re a virgin.” She’s like no but she always thought they’d lose their virginity together because of when they dated when they were kids. Then I had an epiphany! THAT’S DANIEL! The same Daniel who broke up with her after summer vacation but had some other girl write the break up note. I had totally forgotten about him. Apparently he had totally forgotten about Kat too, cuz he was like, “I have no recollection of that.” This dude has a baby face and he’s actually a grown ass frat boy waiting to fuck up someone’s life and then not care about it later. Oh wait I think he’s already done that.

Back to current time and a little ways away from Rue stuck in her house holding her bladder, Cassie has brought all her friends together to help her make a decision. I’m like no way does she tell them she is pregnant, also no judgement, but I would not trust these friends with this kind of advice, maybe Lexi – that’s my girl.

Cassie says she has two things to discuss. One, she wants to be honest with McKay about the kissing Daniel. Unanimously as well as myself sitting on my couch all say that’s not a good idea. Kat’s goes on her rebel without a relationship cause, “it’s not like you’re gonna be together forever,” damn Kat. Maddy is over it, she reads Kat for the filth that Maddy should read herself for. Says she hates the new Kat, the old Kat was a good friend who cared about her girls and gave them the time of day and now she’s a B***h. I am being nice Maddy said “The one who had a sense of humor and wasn’t a Fing C**T.” Kat lashes back talking bout not wanting to listen to Maddy moan about her abusive relationship and BB is like WORLDSTAR!

Kat leaves and is just breaking down – cuz she’s To be honest, she’s not wrong, Kat has been extra mean and I get it, you gotta play dirty so you don’t get hurt, but at what cost?

Back at the house Lexi asks what the second thing and Cassie chooses to leave the pregnancy thing to herself…

Now, Rue is still in bed having bladder pains and watching Love Island so close I’m sure the imprint of the Australian singles are burned into her retna. Gia stops by her room tryna make sure she’s not going through something else. Rue just is a total B**** to her and Gia just walks it off. Gia didn’t deserve that, after the last time she came to check on you in your room – c’mon.

So Nate comes home and Kyle Jacobs (his dad) is making some sort of speech to him again, talking about I am not perfect – yea WE KNOW! Nate just shoulder hits his dad on the way passed him. The level of unspoken animosity and shame is suffocating between them.

Cut to Rue still hasn’t peed!! This is the depression, and also the fact that the last time she left the room she had a bad experience.

Her mom’s new BF Rick (The guy who plays one of the friends on Friends from College, Nat Faxon.) He tries to be all buddy buddy with her and Rue tells him to go F himself. At first I thought is was a daydream, nope it was real! Rue’s mom is like hey! Lol she told Rue to stop with the same fervor as Willy Wonka stopping Mike TV from shrinking himself. Then Rue says “My mom can do better and I hate seeing you sit in the chair my dad sat in.” OH!!! WORLDSTAR!

Later, Jules texts saying sorry she’s been MIA that she had the “flu” and she’s going to visit a friend from her old school this weekend…

So before the pee situation Rue goes to Fez saying she is Morgan Freeman looking for the big picture and knows what she is going to do about it. She wants Fez to use one of his guns to scare Nate – SCARE NATE? You can’t scare NATE he’s a sadistic sociopath.

“Fez is like, are you serious? You really have lost your mind.”
As he is sponge bathing his grandmother. Thank you Fez I can always count on you for reason. He gets a call that Mouse (the creepy drug dealer boss) is coming. Not again! This time Fez puts some serious bass in his voice and is like “Sit down and shut the F up.” He tells her to sit in the room and not make a sound until Mouse leaves. Rue has so much pent up energy, but I’m like girl what is your unique style of death wish?

While sitting in the room with Fez’s grandma she sees her pills and they are talking to her… again not a metaphor they are talking to her! I’m like you gotta stay strong, also this woman needs those pills for sure please leave them. As she is having this tempting episode she just has to leave the room she sneaks out – thankfully unseen. But trouble is just beginning for Fez.
Mouse is fronting drugs to Fez saying he needs to push more, man where are the honest drug bosses who know how to treat their workers right? I’m guessing they don’t exist? lol.

The best shot of time overlapping takes us back to Rue and a perfect visual explanation of depression. “All the good times erase and only the bad times that is now exist.” – Rue


We focus now on Jules getting on a bus headed back to the city and meeting up with her friend. Her friend asks a bunch of questions about Rue and Jules begins to retreat a little as she tries to explain the complicated situation, but says she came to the city to forget about it. Dang.

Jules is feeling so free just in her element and gets introduced to Anna. Now maybe it’s just me but Anna looks like what Jules wishes Rue could be and you know right then and there – they are hooking up for sure. Anna is getting all close as she is putting makeup on Jules, asking personal questions and ish. Jules talks about always wanting to level up like she’s trying to unlock all the DLCs. Anna is asking, what level is she at and what about men and stuff. Jules says “My relationship to men is weird” …”If I can concur men then I can concur femininity.” – “Why do you need a guy to feel more feminine? – Have you concurred femininity” Anna is asking all the provoking and deep ass questions, and we come to queerness is infinite. Yo, this conversation was life giving. DAMMIT why does Anna need to be enlightening, is she even real? I she a hallucination?

Back in the country – I don’t know where they live. I imagine it’s Florida now because of the orange trees (although that could also be Cali) but Ash talked about Tampa once so I’m inclined to believe they may be in Florida. Jules went to Miami and they live in like Kissime or something, I don’t know Florida. Anyways, Cassie tells McKay she is pregnant, he looks like he is trying real hard not to be an ass. He can’t help it, he says children are scary and then starts to think out loud about how his life would be ruined and his dad would kill him and he’s like “I say we don’t do it.” She is full to the brim with tears, what a terrifying moment. She says the only thing so Cassie, “I’m not saying I want to have a baby, I’m just saying I wanted to dream about it for a minute.” OH Cassie! He tries to save face, but you can tell he is just relieved she isn’t actually gonna keep the baby and says, “You’ll make the best mother on the planet one day.” She will McKay and to be honest not with you, not that McKay is all bad but I’m just not on board.

Another thing I am not so on board with, Kat is camming with the weird guy who sent her lingerie. He logs on and keeps the screen black and is using a voice distorter. Then he proceeds to give her orders! No not this cam girl – she tells the guys what to do. Look at me just genderizing the situation, I just assumed they were a guy, my sincere apologies people. We don’t know who they are or how they identify at this point, and they don’t want anyone to know who they are either. They said Kat shoulda charged more for the session then tells her to stand up and undress, and she does. This is a first for sure. This disembodied strange voice says she is beautiful while she stands there nude, Kat does not look comfortable and closes the computer. I’m saying you can’t just waltz up in here and tell Kat what to do!

Over at Fez’s place of work, Nate is headed in. Fez takes it upon himself to tell Nate to leave Rue and her friends alone. Nate is like all calm n ish “Is that a threat?” Fez says, “no I’m just telling you.” Then Nate squares up, tryna be the manipulative F’er he is, saying isn’t he a drug dealer and stuff.
Fez who seems unphased by this says “You keep fucking with Rue and her friends and Imma kill you.” WHOA!!! Thanks Fez, I know nothing good could come of this statement but its what we all wanted to see and hear.


Back at the house Rue still hasn’t peed! She is destroying her kidneys now and I am sure those close ups of organs were her insides and maybe not Cassie’s. GIRL, Love Island can wait! Although there is so much more going on here.

Cut to, Jules is snorting something and going to a party in the city, a rave it looks like.

She’s all over Anna, they are both tripping and Anna says am I a mess? Jules is like I don’t know yet and says she thinks she’s really high. Ask things get heated Jules thinks about Rue and asks Anna if she should text her, Anna’s like no. I mean of course Anna is gonna say no! Why would you text ur girl when ur with this other girl, especially when something is about to go down. That text would have been a disaster. I’m not saying keep secrets but high texting when about to have sex ummm naww.

While Jules is kissing Anna, her trip turns bad, or just ugh. She sees Nate and his face has all this glitter on it, and at first I’m like – yo he is really there! Then he starts apologizing and saying he is Tyler n’ all this mess, and I’m like oh no Nate keeps all the ish inside, that’s not him.

Its a bad trip but Jules is actually sleeping with the Anna girl! I mean, is it cheating? I don’t think Rue and Jules have had a relationship conversation to be honest.

Back in the suburbs Nate is calling the cops on Fez giving a tip about a “crime.” Fez and ash are now flushing all the pills Mouse fronted them, I’m scared cuz, I hope they flush it all in time and I am terrified because they are flushing them and Fez has to deal with Mouse!!! My heart! Nate I really need him to be erased from humanity.

Rue finally leaves her room, at this time I think it’s been like two days and from what it looks like, the pain is out of this world. Now I’ve never had kidney stones but I know some people who have, and I’m told it a pain worse than childbirth. So ANY kidney pain sounds like excruciating and Zendaya is doing a great job of showing the unbearable pain, cuz I can’t even look. She collapse in the hallway and her mom comes running, she helps her to the bathroom and gets her in the tub. This mom is so real, she’s got her ups and downs too, but at the end of the day that is her baby. She may wish she did better by her, and that they did better by each other but, she’s not gonna give up or let go. Ugh – I’m crying.

Jules wakes up from her escapades and messages Rue saying she missed her. There is a ball of emotions just snowballing in this show. Next episode recap with be the finale, can it end on a high note? Is that possible?

I also found out in the credits that Euphoria is based on the Israeli series HOT that was created by Ron Leshem and and Daphna Levin. It was a show by the same name “Euphoria” as part of the either channel HOT or HOT series. VERY interesting…

If you are anyone you know and love goes through this remember there are resources. Visit, Euphoriaresources.com or text EUPHORIA to 741741 for resources.

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