Euphoria Recap Episode 5: Bonnie and Clyde

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And it continues, this one’s called “Bonnie and Clyde” hehehe. Every title is literally perfect for the episode. This one took me on a car crash of a disaster. Last episode carnival rides, this episode vehicular destruction. Trigger warning again as this show hits on some issues that can really bring up some personal trauma.


This week Maddy gets the spotlight, not the G.O.A.T. Jules riding bike shot but the highlight from childhood to high school. We see Maddy as a kid, probably 11 years old, dancing to Madonna’s lucky star, and Maddy is a Pageant girl. Not surprising, and she loves the attention, she gets 10s across the board. Unfortunately, the pageant organizer in the area was a pedophile, Maddy was never assaulted but the pageant circuit was done for her after that, her mother saw to it. Not a bad idea to be honest. Bad thing is, Maddy was never nurtured in something else, and she never developed a drive or passion for anything else. She would watch the people who came into her mom’s nail salon just doing nothing. At home, her dad is a drunk and him and her mom hardly spoke. She decided those people getting their nails done did nothing, she liked doing nothing so… seems like a good fit. It’s kind of depressing. It reminds me of a story my friend told me once a long time ago. She used to talk to the kids in her building and there was this one girl she would see around the building all the time and one day she asked her, “What to you wanna do?” you know in life. Why did the girl respond “I just wanna chill, like my mom.” oh lordt. That’s Maddy.

So Maddy liked Nate for a while before he met her. Once he noticed her, she started doing what she had to do to keep him on lock. I don’t think that she knows how controlling and manipulative Nate actually was. Not taking away from her power, I think the manipulation does go both ways, but I don’t know if Maddy knows just how much control Nate has been pulling.

BUT it’s about Maddy. As I suspected, Maddy lied about being virgin because she could tell he wanted it to be true. She actually lost her virginity to a 40-year-old man in Panama City Beach on a trip…ummmmmmm uncomfortable.

So, the power of manipulation that women are capable of intrigues Maddy the most, and Sharon Stone in Casino is her spirit animal as Rue says. The control Sharon Stone had over Robert De Niro when he felt like he was the one in control is what she aspired to. I know this sounds real meta, but Maddy would do well in an acting career – yea the fictional character in this drama would do great taking up acting lol. But Maddy found her passion, it was getting what she wants through subtle control. She studied porno to execute the exact sexiness that Nate would like and then hint at the things she loved so he would give them to her. These elements created the perfect storm of a relationship in her mind. It was better than anything she had ever seen and a level of passion she didn’t know could exist. The fact that it is a little dangerous means it is alive, and it is pure. She doesn’t know anything else and what she will do for him and how she loves him unconditionally scares her and compared to her mother and father that must mean it is real. It is the foundation of an abusive relationship. A lot of people think it’s the physical abuse that makes it terrible – don’t get me wrong that is terrible, but the emotional connection and manipulation is horrifying and a real-life mental prison.

When they were on breaks Maddy slept with a lot of guys, never told Nate (but he knows c’mon).

Sometimes she fantasizes about hitting Nate but doesn’t because she’s afraid of what he might do, but she knows no matter what he did she’d still love him. This is what terrified her about the marks on her neck.

Jules is in bed being intimate with herself thinking about the two things that have never felt better. The top was fentanyl, the other was Jules. First of all, I knew the drug that Fez’s supplier gave her would be the best thing she ever had, ugh it’s over. But she says it’s fentanyl or Jules. She chooses Jules (while masturbating). Then, her mom storms in hahahaha classic.

Later…Rue’s mom is all like “so Jules slept over?” and is like take it slow. They’re gonna take it real slow Rue says. Which means…GET MATCHING TATTOOS that say RULES… omg. On the inside of their lower lip – I mean I guess it’s just a word and it can mean anything later in life, so it won’t feel like a lifelong mistake.


Kyle (Nate’s dad) gets a call while he is at work on a big construction site and has to come to the school, and the police are there to greet him at the steps. The non-color leaves his face, so like he looked like the undead. He stops off at a bathroom and vomits, cuz he obviously feels like it’s over they found out about him and Jules.

What had happened was…

Maddy had shown up to school in a turtleneck and hoodie. I’m preeeety sure this is Cali or at least a very warm climate, and she poppin mollys she sweatin. (puns hehehe.)

Kat dressed like her patronus was surrounding her as she sashed down the halls, she runs into Maddy who is dressed the opposite and asks what’s wrong – Maddy calls her a dominatrix, you damn right. Maddy says she’s on her period, and Kat’s like you sure and she just brushes it off. In class, the AC isn’t working, and she won’t take the hoodie off, she’s just a walking pair of house wife sunglasses and “I fell down the stairs” excuses.

Cuz of stress, Maddy hadn’t eaten or drank anything all weekend, and she was actually on her period, so she passes out in class. This is real bad like paramedics rush in with the stretcher bad.

Once she is back to life, she is in the Principal’s office, he is concerned about the bruising and reminds her he is mandated by the state to report it.

Now, it’s an investigation, he is asking everyone what has happened, we see the car crash happening, and we just can’t look away.

BB says Nate’s gay and that’s why he was mad.

Other kids say Maddy knocked over the chili at the carnival and called Nate’s mom a C***.

Another kid says Maddy smashed the guy in the pool.

Then that’s why he attacked the new girl.

The principal is like, “What new girl” and they’re like “The one who cut herself…”

AAAND Jules is in the office now – this crash happened quick and devastatingly.

Jules says she doesn’t know what he is talking about, and that is that.

Principle calls Nate to the office and the cops come are there too. He looks scared AF but the sociopath he is, I can’t trust that this emotion is real. I can’t trust anything he does.

Cassie finds out that apparently she told Lexi that Nate has a bunch of d**k pics on his phone. This all happened at the carnival while she was on Molly. At this point, everyone knows about the pics, and Cassie is like never repeat that Lexi – an iron clad way to be sure the word never gets out *rolls eyes.* This is high school the damn principal already knows.

Kat (who is dressed amazing remember) sits next to the guy at science class. He’s like didn’t you get my texts? She’s being real cold, and he’s like why tho? You see it affects her for a second, it sucks cuz he doesn’t get the chance to even know why she is upset nor let her know the truth about that random girl at the carnival. But what Kat had realized in hooking up with that guy behind the carnival games is that men are pathetic and there isn’t anything sexier than a confident thick girl. She just sissy’s that walk out of her house and into the mall. Catching every eye including the store clerk from the clothing shop she fantasized about.

Nate’s dad after finding out the issue at the high school is not about him has slight relief. I give it up to these actors, his face is stone cold but you can tell in the slightest way he is relieved, without letting anyone else know.

Maddy’s family is there (she is actually latinx) her mom is saying it was Nate, and Maddy’s like I want to press charges – Maddy is crying it wasn’t him! She better find someone else to pin it on if she really wants to convince them, but let’s be honest if the fictional character Maddy were to take up acting, improv would not be her strong suit.

Nate is in the other room. The cops tell Kyle and Nate’s mom the dealio, advising him to talk to Nate before rushing to speak to Maddy’s family. Kyle and Nate have a heart to heart which looks like a military cover up talk for some war crime- cuz Kyle KNOWS Nate did it – that’s his son he knows. So, Kyle tries to prepare him for the walk of shame.

They pass Jules on the way out – weird slow-motion glances are exchanged, and Rue funny back and forth reaction faces crack me up.

Rue prods too much about the situation and it freaks Jules out. Rue doesn’t understand it is not a game for Jules.

Later, Rue is prodding more asking Jules about how many one night stands she’s had. And Jules turns it on Rue – “What’s your number.”

In a flashback, Rue breaks down the numbers. I immediately think Rue has never had sex, why? I don’t know, maybe it would be dramatic.

Rue’s first kiss was at age 12 with some boy she didn’t even like. She gave 4 hand jobs in 8th grade. And gave 2 blowjobs in 9th, one of those she was emotionally coerced into one – horrible.

Then, there was the time Rue made out with Lexi to teach her how to french kiss. Not weird for Rue, but Lexi seems AWKWARD! But I knew it! I called it last episode that Lexi is in love with Rue I swear!

Lastly, one time Rue took two Xanax’s and drank a beer then lost her virginity. It did not look like the ideal situation. Jules throws shade and is like “that’s it,” but she means it in a loving way, and asks Rue, “have you ever been in love?” Nope – weelll…Does right now count? Cuz, she is in love with Jules, (and doesn’t say anything of course – not the right time.)

We go to Maddy who is at the precinct trying to claw out the officers’ eyes with her viciously manicured nails. They need to do their job, so she was warned that they will take it off for her. They handcuff her to the desk and cut it off of her. The pics they take are real sobering. It is a full on imprint of his hand. All they would need to do is out his hand next to the marks to know they are Nate’s. The investigator is like “Whoever did this to you doesn’t love you.”

Maddy’s face looks numb. Nate is in the other room saying he grabbed her by the arm but didn’t choke her. Then, he puts on the innocent charm, starts saying he loves her, and their relationship isn’t healthy but he loves her. Then, it turns into she sleeps with other guys – insinuating maybe some other guy did it. I swear to everything he’s totally gonna blame it on that guy from the pool who he beat the sh** out of!!


Whole situation blows up, they’re watching domestic abuse videos in class, Lexi looks back at Rue while everyone is looking at Maddy, as the camera pans to Jules and Rue sitting on a desk close together. What a cinematic story in just 5 seconds. That is the beauty of this show. Every shot tells a story just as much if not better than the writing itself.

Rue is sitting with ‘Ol G Ali from N.A. he says, “What happens in 6 months or a year”… “Nothing in high school lasts forever.” He’s right. For someone like Rue, anything being lost could be the steepest slippery slope back to the hospital. Just like her mom said, she is fragile, she says she is not, but she really is.

At N.A., she admits to lying and tells the truth that she’s been clean for 13 days and hopes Ali is wrong about her relationship with Jules. Oh honey…it’s high school – I mean there are high school sweethearts but mmmmmm, time will tell I guess.

Jules’s is out to dinner with her dad who is grilling her about Rue. Asking if they’re a thing, and Jules is saying they are not a thing… while Rue is out here telling her mom they are full on together. Jules’s dad says Jules is a good influence on Rue. You see that doesn’t sit quite right with Jules.

We then get a Rue bike ride spotlight shot? Oh! – also she can bike ride now not like before lol…

Rue ends up passing right by Lexi’s house and texts – “sorry haven’t been a great friend wanna make it up to you.” Unexpected!

In the meantime, Cassie tells Mckay about the d**k pics on Nate’s phone, he looks perplexed and in no way believes her, asking where she heard that from. Cut to, Cassie talks to Maddy about the pics and Maddy’s like I’ll come for you if you spread those lies. Blames her for all the Molly she’s been taking. Yo, Maddy is stuck, she looks like the tethered version of herself out here talking hoarse.

McKay says he’s sorry to Cassie, and she keeps quiet about the guy at school who she almost hooked up with at the carnival and him kissing her at school, and I feeeel like keeping options open while saying I got a man and he’s like what you man got to do with me!? Cassie accepts the apology…I mean it’s high school.

Kat is talking to the mall guy out back of the mall, interrupts him and says they don’t need to make conversation, which is sad… Unless it’s what she wants, which I guess it is. OK! I am all about girls taking charge and having the fun they deserve, but I also don’t want Kat to break hearts that don’t need breaking. Anyways, she gives “the best BJ” this guy has ever had, and it makes her excited.

Maddy is over here begging people to hold space for her, just hold her down and no one has time for her. She sent Nate 273 text messages that he hasn’t responded to – he literally can’t. He’s keeping to his “I didn’t do it” story. They can’t be texting.

She’s now emotionally driving after an argument with her mom about relationships – telling her mom Nate would kill for her, and she would kill for him – awkward choice of words I must say. Her mom is basically like it’s high school, and you’re gonna feel like that with every person… (sad but true.)

Rue, Jules, and Lexi go roller skating! Is this a Poly situation brewing???

Lexi says “Rue seems really good,” and Jules says “yea she is” Lexi is like “it’s cuz of you” and Jules looks overwhelmed and heads to the bathroom – this being the second time someone has said that, and I think it is hitting her in the most uncomfortable way.


Kyle (Nate’s dad) is having another hook up at the motel. He is not feeling this interaction. Kyle is trying all of the formalities but also like half interested. Kyle tells them he just wants to talk – next thing you know they put on the therapist hat quick they might as well have pulled out glasses and a notebook…but then answers idk to everything.

Kyle asks – “Do you think this stuff affects them even if they don’t know?”

They answer: Idk.

“Do you think hiding it creates the same thing in them?” mmmm *snap* *snap*

They say: Idk – everyone knows who I am.

Kyle says he spent his whole life trying to keep this separate, and it’s poisoning everything. Ooooooo bars.

They (kids) have so much anger, not anger, rage. The hiding has created this in Nate, but there is so much more that’s made Nate like this. I just want to see the reaction when Kyle finds out everything about his son.

Jules, Rue, and Lexi leave the roller rink, very sober yet exciting music for this scene which got me to thinking If Jules dies in this I WILL NOT HANDLE IT and +WILL NOT tolerate it.

Rue asks if Jules is gonna come in – Jules is like naw gonna go home. Rue is like can I come – Jules is hesitant but says yea. Is it that Jules doesn’t feel the same way that Rue does? Or is it that she is afraid of something good?

Nate calls McKay and tells Cassie to tell Maddy to download signal so they can message, and it cannot be traced. Like a fiend, she stops driving in the middle of the road when she gets this message. Nate tells her to meet at the hotel off of Ext. 27 (same one his dad is pulling out of – of course) Nate passes his dad’s date on the stairs as he heads to his room.

Maddy and Nate embrace at the door. Maddy is crying and looks so tragically comfortable in his arms, and these are the moments when you know that Maddy is not truly the one in control…

Speaking of out of control, Jules is laying with Rue and looks completely terrified. It is hard being someone’s rock (in more ways than one – and I mean drugs) Being someone’s foundation and you didn’t necessarily ask for it, and it’s not what you signed up for and the pressure of being that thing that’s keeping someone alive can change a person, can be an impossible weight to hold, and I think you can see this on Jules’s face. Now, I just don’t know how to feel. What do I do now? I want it to work, but it is high school, and that is a lot of pressure for a 16-year-old. You just keep thinking about what Ali said, what happens six months from now? Or when you go to college and she just wants to be friends. I get flashes of the scene from last episode, Rue begging Fez to open the door – oh no.

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Next episode, we venture into a drama in the life of McKay, the pressures of wanting to make it into pro football, and him coming to realize that this might never be the case.

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