Michael B. Jordan Keeps His Roast Hand Strong In “Fahrenheit 451” Trailer

Ssshhh...the Fireman coming.

Ain’t nobody F***in with B man, Heatman, ski mask, burning through sheets fast, he fast. Michael B. Jordan, aka Erik Trillmonger is calling on his Human Torch days to put the inferno to some info in the trailer for the HBO adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s bestselling novel Fahrenheit 451. Jordan plays Guy Montag, a “fireman” who is tasked with burning books in this dystopian world where the elimination of information is the great equalizer.

The trailer starts with Michael Shannon voice over a team of firemen pulling up to an abandoned building to do some damage. Shannon asks Guy if he’s ever seen a physical book before, and he doesn’t hesitate to tell him how dangerous they are. We can guess who the Breitbart crowd’s favorite character is going to be.

fahrenheit 451

The next scene has MBJ addressing a group of young children on some anti-Joe Clark type stuff, telling them that by the time they grow up, every last book will have been fed to the fire. We see troops walking the streets carrying the torches like the Summer Olympics. A hologram of a bald eagle with the words “Say Something” flashes in the middle of the city. Buildings cast reflections of the firemen looking over every street, every side-alley, every place a book could be hiding. It’s definitely team Kindle in this world.

We get a glimpse of Sofia Boutella’s character Clarisse, who in the book rejects this world’s method of control; it looks like she’s scheming to hit them folks with straight facts. The highlight of the trailer comes at the very end with Jordan gripping a lighter and telling his superior in a soft growl “I want to burn.” Even Zuko was looking like, “Chill, bruh. Let me make you some tea, it’s my uncle’s favorite recipe.”

Fahrenheit 451

This show definitely looks like a heater, HBO got another one. Longtime fans of the book will be hyped to see these characters come to life. Some may complain that Guy Montag is black but he fits the book’s description of “black hair, black brows…fiery face, and…blue-steel shaved but unshaved look.” Anyone who’s got a problem with it should take a seat and burn some papers, to be quite honest.

MBJ’s cooking with gas, he gon keep rockin’ till the sheetrock bend cuz the heat he sends burns skin.

The end.

Catch Fahrenheit 451 in May on HBO.
fahrenheit 451

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