Far Sector #5 Review

Far Sector #5 Cover

Writer: N.K. Jemisin / Artist: Jamal Campbell / DC Comics

I don’t know how to put this any clearer: Far Sector is one of the best comics coming out right now and if you’re not reading it, you’re doing a disservice to yourself and your whole family. Do better. 

I don’t know what I expected when I picked up this book, but it wasn’t this. It’s a crime story on another world that also just happens to be politically topical in ways that so many of us can resonate with. It’s dealing with issues we honestly should have seen John Stewart deal with in his more than 40-year history but giving it to us now in this way makes up for all the missed opportunities. Because it’s hella unapologetic. Jo Mullein has shown in her short time as a Lantern that she’s a heavy hitter. And I hope she’s here to stay. 

Issue #5 featured a deep dive into Jo’s life on Earth through the years in a montage of sorts that did the necessary work in building her wants and desires and informing why the way she is now. It was written brilliantly by Jemisin as she takes us through defining moments in Jo’s life facing hardships as a child watching her parents deal with discrimination in the workplace, to dealing with it herself as she got a little older. We then see Jo join the military, go to college, and become a cop, all in an effort to look for a way to help save the world. But it seems like every step of the way, that discrimination rears its heavy head. 

Far Sector #5 Inside

We know she’s a hero because she wears the jersey for the home team, but now we don’t have a doubt where her allegiances lie. She’s looking out for everyone, but especially the marginalized people that often get forgotten.

This whole scene was illustrated effortlessly by Jamal Campbell. He takes us through versions of scenes that many of us have experienced ourselves as people of color. But he handles it in a way that’s delicate with the subject matter while still getting the point across. That’s not an easy line to toe, but he does it well.

We really are witnessing the rise of a star in this medium. Get in now so you can tell your kids you read that OG Campbell.

Far Sector #5 gives us a lot of background on Jo Mullein that informs so much about the character in the present day. As a person of color, if you’ve ever wanted to relate to a Green Lantern, this is the one. Jo Mullein is for the people. 

10 Cat Memes out of 10

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