Future’s End #33 Review

When Future’s End decides to mainly focus on one story with minor check-ins on others they have their best moments– issue #33 isn’t one of those.

I would’ve been more than happy if half of this issue would’ve been devoted to Frankenstein, Amethyst, Hawkman, Black Adam and crew fending off against a never-ending group of Father Time’s pet monsters. Black Adam (literally) flew through them with so much ease that I would’ve loved to see it three more times. Instead, this part of the story only got six pages, not delving nearly deep enough into the only exciting plot-line right now.

The other half of this issue that would’ve left me happy would’ve been built around Fifty Sue and her abandonment issues towards Slade Wilson. I think that she could led to some golden moments this issue. Her emotional breakdown was great, but imagine how much more could’ve been revealed there?


I’m not a fan of how often the characters’ paths cross. Did Sue really just-so-happen to be interrogating someone at the same random motel where Grifter’s apprentice was being holed up? Nah, bruh…

The new [lady] Firestorm is cool and I like seeing the growth, but I don’t need it every week.

Future’s End needs to stop loading so many stories into one issue because that makes all of them suffer and feel cramped.


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