The Gamma Gals Issue #3 and #4 Review

Writer: Stefano Terry / Artist: Stefano Terry / Fanbase Press

Note: This review is based on Issues #3 and #4 as part of the 4-part trade paperback, available now from Fanbase Press. We reviewed #1 and #2 earlier this month.

At the start of Issue #3, we confirm our suspicions that school bully Brenton Wilkes is the town’s new hero, Zero G. Dynacorp has taken him into custody, so to speak, to figure out how he got his powers. This issue also confirmed my suspicion that Dynacorp does indeed make toys, as they begin rolling out Zero G merchandise to capitalize on the success of the new hero (who is taking a cut of the proceeds). All of a sudden, we hear of seismic activity off the coast that could potentially evolve into a disaster of supernatural proportions. When the Gamma Gals arrive on the scene and begin saving the civilians from what looks like a gigantic dude just chilling in the ocean for no reason, Zero G flies in to attempt to singlehandedly take down this new foe. This only serves to completely mess up the situation. The three Gals work together to knock the ocean dude to the ground, thus summoning three additional ocean dudes, and concluding this issue. Cliffhanger!

In Issue #4, we learn that the giant dudes are Titans that generally keep to the sea and have come to shore today for no discernable reason. While the Gamma Gals are doing their best to work together with Zero to fight these three large dudes, Zero is not quite as seasoned as the others and starts accidentally wrecking the city instead, harming civilians and city buildings alike. Concluding the fight, Dynacorp pulls all of their Zero G merch from shelves. After a lot of civilian rage against Zero G, Brenton takes time off school while the Gals and a chick named Jennifer wonder why he’s left…with the implication that Harriet and Jenn are potentially into each other…like into into.

After this, we get a weirdly quick turnaround from Brenton/Zero G; he makes a public announcement that he’s embracing the hate from the public and will be using it as fuel to kill the Gamma Gals and any civilian in his way.

I have the same feelings about these two issues that I did about the first; I appreciate the diversity in color and ability level and queerness in our heroes. I dig that each of our heroes are going through their own personal struggles like any high school girl would. I’m not, however, digging the storytelling and the way it sometimes diminishes what could be very intriguing character arcs; for example in these two issues, Zero G turning from hero to villain isn’t compelling enough to make me care how his story ends since his character wasn’t particularly multi-faceted when we started our journey. Also, who is Harriet’s new boo Jennifer and where did she come from? Moreover, what kind of universe is this, where everybody is cool with the ever-sinister Dynacorp as the “good guys” for essentially no reason?
If you are looking for something fresh in terms of diversity, this is for you. If you really dig character development, carefully crafted storytelling, and something that breaks from the cliché superhero mold…look elsewhere.

5 Random Ocean Dudes out of 10

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