Gideon Falls #13 Review

Gideon Falls #13 Cover

Writer: Jeff Lemire / Artist: Andrea Sorrentino / Image Comics


The lore of Gideon Falls has always alluded to the fact that the Black Barn was part of a much vaster, much darker plot of despicable evil. The seeds were planted at the end of the first arc, but Lemire and Sorrentino are now showing us all of the twisted machinations come to fruition. Gideon Falls has gone from hinting at its eldritch abomination horror to outright invoking it. No longer is the story contained to urban horror. No, the story is intent on shattering the perceptions of space and time, and I am here for it.

Picking up off immediately from the last panel, Gideon Falls #13 opens with the first map of the Gideon multiple. And as the priest quickly labels, the three worlds he has visited as Home, Frontier, and Steam, he finds himself drawn to the latest victim of the Smiling Man and drawn deeper into the mystery of the Black Barn. Between Lemire’s knack for suspense and dread combined with the breathtaking/terror-inducing/awe-inspiring artwork from Sorrentino, in conjunction with Stewart’s colors, Gideon Falls continues to be a knockout hit.

Lemire has no qualms putting his characters through the ringer, placing the priest against unfathomable evil and the cruelties of different societies. The secondhand exposure to evil makes us, the reader, question the world we live, as all great horror does. And again, Sorrentino brings all of the macabre to life with brilliant panel work and artistry. The written and visual story telling work in such incredible sync that exemplifies the beauty of the comics medium.

It’s never to late too jump aboard a fantastic series, and Gideon Falls is one such series. A masterclass of blending different horror elements alongside magnificent writing and art, Gideon Falls has only become a more engrossing read with each and every issue.

9.6 “Gideons” out of 10

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Gideon Falls #13 Cover


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