Grab ya “nice” list. We are less than twelve days away from the biggest shopping holiday of the year. We all have that one nerdy friend or love of our life that never can tell us what they want for their birthday, anniversary, ChrismaHanuKwanzica, a gift. That’s me. All day, every day. People hate asking me what I’d like for a gift. Don’t worry, boo I gotchu. Sit back and relax. Well, don’t sit too far back. Have that Paypal or your credit card ready. I’m about to give you my favorite gifts for the nerd who wants nothing.

1. Nintendo Mystery Box from Culture Fly

Culture Fly has a mystery box that’s exclusive to Wal-Mart this year and that’s less that $30. This gift is for that old school gamer friend that you never know what to get. The one that probably has every game console known to man. You watched them stand in line for Mario Odyssey the way folks stand in line for iPhones. Don’t worry if you’re not a gamer. The fact that the box looks exactly like the original console is going to score you mad points with ya homie/S.O./fam. Let me give it to you for real. When my gf saw this box, it was a done deal. We opened it up at home and it’s pretty nice. Wal-Mart also has a few other game-themed mystery boxes available. Those boxes include Super Mario Bros, Call of Duty, and Zelda. Find out which fandom your friend goes wild for and grab one of these boxes while you still can.

2. Steven Universe Construction Sets from McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys covers a nice array of fandoms with constructions sets, action figures, and more. My personal new found favorite items are their construction sets. More specifically, McFarlane’s Steven Universe construction sets. These joints come with a figure of your favorite character (Hey Garnet!) and a background set for you to build. The bricks are compatible with the other famous building bricks so that you can expand as you see fit. McFarlane Toys has small constructions sets for Garnet, Rose Quartz, Peridot, Pearl, and Amethyst for around $15 or less. For about twice that price, you can grab Steven and Mr. Universe and build the Mr. Universe van. This gift is for a diehard Steven Universe fan who loves cool figurines and/or building things. You can find these construction sets at Wal-Mart or on Amazon.

3. The Harry Potter Remote Control Wand from The Noble Collection

You read that right. Let ya fam be great and grab them this wand from The Noble Collection. This is a gift I received (after some lash batting) last Christmas. There is absolutely nothing better than sitting on your sofa and turning your television on with a “swish and flick.” This wand runs about $49.99, but it is worth it for the Potterhead in your life. The wand takes a little getting used to. The wand instructions come on Hogwart’s parchment. Grab this wand and your camera then watch your homie practice like they’re training for the DA.

4. Black Card Revoked by Cards for All People

If you haven’t grabbed this game yet, listen to me. Get one for your friend and one for yourself. Black Card Revoked is a fun game filled with nostalgia and American Black pop culture. We all got that friend that has deserved to have their card taken at least once or twice. With Black Card Revoked, you can literally take it. Black Card Revoked has several editions. You can grab Old School (I and II), Girl’s Night Out, Jollof and Fufu, and others. I’ve got the first edition, but I’ll be grabbing Nerd Card Revoked and Gay Card Revoked soon. Black Card Revoked will run you $20 or less and would make a great gift or stocking stuffer.

5. BB-8 by Sphero

We are in the days of the resistance, folks. That makes this toy a necessity. This app-enabled droid companion is one of my favorite toys ever. BB-8 by Sphero moves just like our new favorite droid from the Star Wars universe. BB-8 can roll around and patrol your home or work place, send messages through holographic simulations, and overall just be cute. BB-8 is for your loved one. This droid goes for about $89.99 or $129.99 with the Droid Trainer. This ain’t no stocking stuffer. You better give BB-8 to someone you love. This is that good companion gift. Sphero has a lot of cool videos on YouTube to assist you and BB-8 in making moves. I’m not saying this is my favorite gift in this list, but I’m not saying it isn’t.

6. Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press by ThinkGeek

I gotta give love where love is due. Star Wars is G.O.A.T. Coffee is my love language. This is a match made in heaven. For the coffee nerd and Star Wars fan in your life, the R2-D2 french press pretty much elevates your friend/love status. I don’t own this, but if someone out there loves me the way I think they do, I will soon [insert awkward wink here]. What else do I really need to say. This R2-D2 french press is worth every single cent. At $29.99 your not going to find a better nerdy french press this side of the galaxy.

7. Game of Thrones Stark Cutting Board by Box Lunch

Listen. I know what you may be thinking. A House Stark cutting board? Too much? RIP Ned, but this is dope. It’s a direwolf. Do you know how fly I would look cutting veggies and cheese on this board? Like a BOSS!!! This is a bamboo cutting board shaped in the design of the House of Stark’s direwolf sigil. This is on sale for $20.93 right now. Dinner is coming, homies. Dinner is coming.

Honorable Mentions

Shout out to Tees in the Trap for these Auntie Maxine mini fans. I need at least two of these on me at all times. Give these to your homie that always has a little petty in they praise. Don’t side eye the price, these fans are on sale for $9.75.

I hope this list can give you late shoppers some ideas. Share this with your homie who wants everything and nothing at all. Just watch as their eyes light up and take notes. Don’t forget to head over to the Black Nerd Problems store to grab a hoodie or two. We got that merch!

Looking for ideas? We got you with our variety of Gift Guides for all ages.

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