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We saw Penguin come back and save Jim’s ass last week. Jim can’t get arrested for a murder he ain’t do. Gordon took care of some Falcone goons waiting at Barbara’s place reenacting the 10 hour street harrassment video to her. Gordon duffed them out then put on his suit, went to work and was acting like not a god damn thing happened. Harvey almost put a bullet in Jim’s ass, his Captain was like, “Jim the fuck you doing bruh? you can not be here! They looking for you b!”, then Victoz Zsasz shows up (a batman rogue who keeps tracks of his murders as tally marks on his skin). Zsasz tells Gordon to come with him. Gordon tells him, “You got mad police officers in here. Fuck that, We squad up in here”. Zsasz said, “Come on man I said please? No? EVERYBODY GET THE FUCK OUT!”.

The whole police department proceeds to get the fuck outta dodge
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Gordon sitting there with the, “Fuck. I keep forgetting this police department more corrupt than a download off Limewire back in 2005” look on his face.

weeeeeeeelp he's probably  going to start shooting at me now.
weeeeeeeelp he’s probably going to start shooting at me now.

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We proceed to get a shoot out with Gordon taking quite a few hits from Zsasz’s clips. He gets the rescue from Montoya and Allen. He then gets patched up at a vet they know, tells Barbara to bounce outta town, takes Allen & Montoya to Bruce’s place to pass off the baton in case he dies. No one at all finds it weird that Gordon is doing this with a 10 year old child thats an orphan now tho.

Penguing being alive and on Maroni’s side proves to be dangerous as Fish keeps telling Falcone. When Fish goes to ask for him to be given to their side, Maroni basically says, “Yeah no but you can get this weak ass apology from Penguin tho”.

This incites a small war between the two factions. Falcone strikes first, then Maroni retaliates with Penguin telling him where to hit, which was right at Nikoli’s life (dude Fish was getting her Scandal/ HTGAWM on with). This forces the two to come to a truce and do some reconciliations so they both can get back to business.

Gordon decides to take the war to the Mayor and Falcone’s door. Harvey comes in to join him saying, “Fuck it. Lets go down swinging. Mind if I use your bed cause I’ma do some “thangs” with my girl here right quick”. We get Harvey and Gordon busting the door down on the mayor waving the four-four. Then doing the same to Falcone. Falcone is like yeah, I got your girl in the kitchen at gun point, she came back trying to make a deal and…yeaaaah just focus on the part where I got Zsasz holding her at gun point”. Harvey goes Lying cat saying Falcone bluffing but we find out he aint. He decides to let Gordon go tho. Thinking this time he will make the right call when the time comes.

Soooooooo we can go tho right?

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We find out that Falcone knew Penguin plot all along as they meet up in his chicken coop. Penguin said way back when he as captured to let Gordon be the one to kill him. He knew Gordon wouldn’t and if he was right he would be Falcone’s snitch for life. Falcone is seeing the puzzle come together just as Penguin predicted.

The plot thickens folks…. but I mean does it really tho?

ughh. Taj you can have these recaps back b. Take it.


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