Green Lantern Corps #35 Review

Writer: Van Jensen
Artist: Bernard Chang

Man Listen, it’s rough out here for a Green Lantern. You got another major arc “God Head” occurring and running through the series. They are at war with the New Gods since their rings are being stole. Well, Not only their rings but rings across the color spectrum. I’m not going to lie its hard to get into the excitement of this book now. I feel bad saying that cause I am trying to support our man 50 grand John Stewart out in the field doing the thing and always looking freaking marvelous whenever the sniper rifle equalizer is in his hands.


Our lanterns find themselves on a distant planet just in time to engage in the unfriendly locals and see the new gods out here slanging their higher up logic of justice. Immediately John isn’t having it but they are not able to put in that werk since their rings are basically bubble wands compared to the strength of the New Gods. Its great to see John in the field leading the troops especially when he gets the save from the Indgo Tribe to boot.

Chang’s Art is basically the best part of this series, especially how he keeps the action panels red and white whenever that violence is occurring. It seems so simple but its really a genius idea on the part of this book which still separates it and makes the art stand out from any other book in DC Comics or Marvel for that

Look man…We trying. If it wasn’t for John Stewart I’d have given up man. I got saint walker’s level of hope at this point


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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