Grimm Recap: The Grimm Identity

Season: 5/ Episode 1 / NBC

Season 5 picks up on the cliffhanger ending of season 4: Juliette, the hexenbiest, has just been shot twice by Trubel with a crossbow. She is dying in Nick’s arms when a group of masked agents in black under the command of Wesen FBI agent Chavez bursts through the door. They drug Nick and we get a glimpse of his dreams/nightmares: images of Juliette’s funeral and his mother’s head. Coffins and boxes multiplying and surrounding him.

We are never, ever getting back together.

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He’s awoken by Hank calling him. Trubel is gone. Juliette’s body is gone. His mother’s head is gone. He walks around his house in belief looking for any sign of the home invasion from the night before, but there is none.

Cut to Monroe and Rosalee at home trying to make sense of all the events from last night: the helicopter, the castle, Diana. They worry about Nick and his impending fatherhood; Adalind will have their son any day now. Nick interrupts this heart-to-heart with a short phone call full of horrifying information: he recounts everything that’s happened since they left Bud’s house and hangs up, leaving the newlyweds in shock. If ever there was a WTF moment, this is it.

Nick is at home waiting for Hank when he remembers that Trubel told him that Chavez had kidnapped her before and woged in front of her. Now, he knows who is behind all of this and he’s pissed.

He’s frantic when Hank arrives. He tells Hank everything that has happened since they were all together last night. Hank seems unconvinced of Nick’s story. He wants to believe Nick, but given the context – Nick finding his mom’s decapitated head in a box, losing Diana to the Royals (or so he thinks), having his ex-fiance/current hexenbiest switch teams and sleep with a man he beat to death with his bare hands – Hank is like, “Um, you might be under a bit of pressure, you sure?” But Nick will not be deterred.

Tell me again how everyone you loved is dead or missing but you had nothing to do with it.

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While Nick is on his way to do something impulsive, Renard hears from two detectives that they have a suspect in the Jack the Ripper copycat case. The body of Kenneth (that Renard and the others planted in a warehouse along with incriminating evidence) has been found and identified: matching accent, right height, and likely DNA evidence. Renard still seems conflicted about his role in the death of the three women, but he’s handling it.

Full of righteous but unprovable fury, Nick goes to Chavez’s office to confront her. She, as expected, gives up nothing. Instead Nick is escorted from the building and threatened with arrest.

Meanwhile, calls are coming into the station about Nick’s neighbors. The homicidal home invasions that the Royals perpetrated as part of their plan to decapitate Nick’s mother, Kelly, are being discovered. Hank fills in Wu and Renard on the whole Juliette dead/Trubel kidnapped/decapitated head missing sitch. The two men are appropriately like, “Wait. What?” It’s a lot to take in.

Chavez contacts Renard and essentially tells him to get his boy in check. Renard, understanding the weight of federal charges, calls Nick into his office and insists he take some time off or be suspended.

So now Nick has anger, a vendetta, and free time.

Nick decides that it’s a good idea to go to Chavez’s house. While looking up the agent’s address on his home computer at his house(!), he hears Juliette’s voice calling his name. But she’s not there. He’s alone. In so many ways.

At the Spice Shop Monroe, Rosalee, Hank, and Wu are huddled together researching Chavez and trying to think of a less impulsive/federal prison-type plan. They find out about her career, her diplomatic parents, her childhood, and most, immediately important, her address. Monroe heads over to try to stop Nick from doing whatever stupid thing he has planned. But when Monroe finds Nick, Nick tells him essentially to fuck off. Monroe returns to Spice Shop alone.

While Nick creeps in Chavez’s house, she’s at what appears to be a secret underground detainment facility. She looks into a cell and we hear an angry scream. Then out from the shadows, Martin Meisner appears. We last saw him on the helicopter helping Diana escape, so that raises some questions.

After a hard day at the office (illegally) imprisoning nameless offenders, Chavez returns home where Nick has been waiting all day to kidnap her.

He takes her to the Spice Shop where his whole crew is. Now that they are in mid-interrogation of a kidnapped federal agent who moonlights as a Wesen member of a secret government agency, they are starting to believe Nick. They reveal to her/ remind us in the audience of the other/last Wesen FBI agent involved in this was Weston Steward who shot Renard. Chavez is stoic and on some “This is bigger than me” stuff.

Tell me again how you had nothing to do with it.

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Cue Adalind’s labor. After Bud takes her to the hospital, he calls Nick who is still in an unproductive conversation with tied-to-a-chair Chavez. Moral dilemma. Rosalee is like “Dude, your baby mama is about to legit and officially become your baby mama. You’re going to the hospital and I’m going with you.” Thank you, Rosalee.

Nick shows up just in time to see Adalind wheeled away for an emergency C-section. Dude looks out of his depth. He’s like ancient texts and specialized weapons? Sign me up. A natural biological process? I’mma need those smelling salts.

Um… Uh… Are you sure I need to be here?

Meanwhile Chavez, perhaps inspired by the Wesen-Grimm Alliance that has captured her, agrees to take Nick to get answers. Answers that have to be gotten immediately as Nick leaves Adalind (and his son!) at the hospital with barely a “good luck” or a peace sign thrown up as he walks away.

Why “answers” somehow means a shady, dark warehouse, I’m not sure. But when they get there: bodies. They walk into an ambush. Nick, of course, kills a few Wesen, but Chavez is mortally wounded. He chases the Wesen that hurt her, but only sees their car pull away. She uses her dying moments to give Nick what looks like a knight from a chess board and impress upon him that something very bad and no good is coming, rising.

I’m not who you should be worrying about.

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Then Chavez’s phone rings. Nick uses her corpse’s finger to unlock the phone and answer it. It’s Martin. Nick says simply, “She’s dead.” Martin, unphased, tells him to keep the phone. Outside the building, Nick sees a claw mark symbol etched on the wall.

Nick, who has had the worst day in human history, returns to the hospital to see his son. Adalind is like, “I’m going to be a mom regardless. I’d love it if you stepped up and were a father. Also, I named this here baby Kelly, after your dead mom.” Nick, of course, melts just a little bit inside as he holds his son for the first time.

Is Juliette really dead? Where is Diana? Who is in that cell? What’s up with (all) the Wesen in the FBI? What does the claw sign mean? Who or what does Martin work for? How will Adalind and Nick decorate the (possible) Grimmenbiest’s nursery? I need answers.

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