Celebrating Halloween in Harajuku with The Kawaii Society

This past weekend saw witches, ghouls, clowns, and maids gather up in all their spooktacular glory for The Kawaii Society’s spooky-themed event, “Halloween in Harajuku.” The Lovecraft NYC was the perfect venue, with its macabre structures, eerie lighting, and coveted central location. Two of our writers, Monica and Ja-Quan, were led into the basement level where the party really was, and it was nerd paradise; except this utopia followed a Halloween-theme (which was just their cup of apple cider).


One of the most artistic, care free, but turnt up experiences of my life. That’s what Kawaii Society’s Halloween in Harajuku was for me. I’m a noob in the cosplay world, but was welcomed with open arms and was able to witness displays of appreciation and affection at every turn. Everyone was so comfortable in their own skin (or someone else’s skin) that it made me desire more accessible events like this. Sure, you have the big dogs; NY and SD Comic Con where everyone goes all out. There are a few more Conventions around the US that do work, but how often do you get to feel all the love for anime and costumes on a random Sunday? New York is the biggest city out there and I had no clue we was doin it for the culture like this!

Halloween weekend made the perfect excuse to finally bring Kawaii Society to the forefront, while showcasing so much talent, love, and creativity all under one roof. Lovecraft bar, which hosted the event was the perfect mix of unique, science and nerdy. Merchandise was available for purchase so I picked me up some items repping Autism Awareness. Performers got on stage and left it all on the floor. Cosplayers donned their best and shined bright as a Krillin Solar Flare for the best costume contest. Be on the lookout for more Kawaii events coming soon. I promise you a day/night you’ll never want to forget.


Miss Candyholic is the creator of The Kawaii Society, an organization dedicated to introducing Japanese pop culture to the masses. They put on monthly shows, and for October, they invited lots of style icons, cosplayers, and performers to strut their stuff during the creepiest month of the year. They had a strongman there! They demonstrated amazing feats of bending steel and at one point, showed the audience their pain endurance by inviting people to staple money to their bare body. Just a littttttleee too intense for me, but interesting for sure!
I really enjoyed the ultra dark atmosphere, mixed in with strobe lights and the OUTRAGEOUS fashion. I’m talking super deluxe kawaii/lolita extravaganza. The vendor’s area was packed with merch, ranging from plushies, prints, t-shirts, cat headbands, and flower crowns. I myself bought a beautiful skulls/flora crown. It went well with my Beetlejuice costume!

Next time, I’d definitely love to see possibly a bigger venue with a bit more moving space, but all in all, this was a really fun event. The attendees were all so sweet and it was nice to get a taste of an anime convention on a smaller scale. Definitely check out The Kawaii Society if you’re ever in the NYC area!

You can find out more about The Kawaii Society, and be ready for their next event, by following them on your favorite social media:
Instagram: @thekawaiisociety
Facebook: The Kawaii Society
Twitter: @KawaiiSociety

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