Hawkeye #15 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson / Artist: Leonardo Romero / Marvel Comics

Kelly “I only do exclusive MVP contracts, ask about me” Thompson is going to give you that real, that fun, and that quirky in every issue of Hawkeye. That’s not only a guarantee but a staple which makes Kate Bishop’s tenure/run/series so enjoyable. Her knack for taking on characters as guests and having them stay true to their voices while also showing a humorous side to them or pitting them in funny situations is money every time. Every damn time. Hawkeye #15 is a testament to that.

Kate Bishop and Clint Barton find themselves using a Lyft-like taxi app while dressed in Madam Masque’s henchmen attire. How did our heroes arrive in this situation? You ain’t goin’ believe this shit. Thompson takes us back to Barton’s rescue plan going left as Eden and Madam Masque now team up. The Hawkeyes are outnumbered but ain’t no such things as halfway archers. Kate and Clint are bout that fight their way out life. They’re ready to punch in overtime on these henchmen.

Soooo, fuck a bunch of what I just said

Yeah, it’s all good beating up on henchmen till Eden uses her unique ability to call in a hit squad for reinforcements. Kate and Clint now have to rethink things and shit gets funny once Kate’s bad ideas come into play. No matter how bad things get, the dialogue between our Hawkeyes remains lighthearted and jokey even amiss a fight. I love it. Thompson also gives us deep cuts with references to Clint Barton using a Stark-designed hearing aid due to being deaf (again). Little niche nuances and references like that let you know this creative team is students of the game. If you were a fan of the Aja and Fraction run, then this is a nod to the fandom to let you know it’s a new team but it ain’t forget what happened. Mmmmm that’s that good continuity filling you up right there.

There’s plenty of action this issue thanks to Leonardo Romero. The action circles back hilariously too, but my favorite thing is the visual of Barton fiddling with his hearing aid. Barton takes a hit and we see how his hearing becomes distorted and it’s hard for him to understand the sounds around him. Art imitating muhfuking life. I fuck with this type of detail. It seems so small but it’s this little thing that makes the character and the heat of the moment come to life. Especially with Barton getting so fed up over it. Romero takes such a small thing and makes a big moment out of it. Jordie Bellaire’s work on colors highlights the visuals perfectly to boot. The ink game is always Jordie.

*Vitamin C’s ‘Graduation’ plays in the distance*

Ugh, I’m really stressed knowing that we got one more issue left. There was still time. There was still time damn it. I’m not going to get too in-depth here. Kate’s bad ideas is a two-fold plan. A plan that pulls some faces back into the fold. It’s all coming to an end one way or another come Hawkeye #16.

Listen when I tell you that Thompson, Romero, Walsh, Bellaire, Alana Smith (editor), Sana Amanat (supervising editor) and everyone else that made this series happen deserve to have respect put on all their fucking names. Hawkeye is the blueprint for what storylines, character depth, and fun should be in a comic book.

8.8 Rushed Dress Rehersals out of 10

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