HBO’s Westworld Lookin’ Like Privilege Run Amok

One thing we HBO subscribers or HBO bootleggers or borrowed my friend’s mama’s boyfriend’s HBO Go Account login info people have to get accustomed to is the inevitable L.A.G.O.T. that is going to hit us swiftly and without mercy. Life After Game of Thrones. The last two seasons are set, they’ll be abbreviated (8 episodes each) and before we know it, our favorite source of violence and sex (sometimes even consensual…) and dragons will have run its course. It’s time for contingency plans. Or at least, that’s what HBO is thinking with their newest big scale series in Westworld.

HBO is once again going with the formula of adapting a story (Michael Crichton’s Westworld was a movie released in 1974) for its next big thing. We’ve seen trailers before, but this is the first one where you actually get a sense of what the hell is going on. It looks like an artificial world has been built, akin to the old dusty and gunslinger west, that lets really wealthy muthafuckas drop in and visit. So because people got bored with visiting developing countries and thinking shit is flames because of all the tourist money they drop in it, they have developed a way to “authentically” replicate a time long gone past to visit.

The catch is, the people in Westworld think that world is real, either by AI or avatars of real people or reanimated dead people or…you know what I don’t really fucking know. And that’s cool too. You know when little Black boys telling you that you’re not real, then you need to re-evaluate some shit, cuz little Black boys be knowin’! Most of the plot seems to focus on Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood), that not-so damsel at the middle of whatever conflict seems to be happening in Westworld. The conflict? Besides what seems to be the moral questioning of this world’s existence in the first place? Is that there’s a self-proclaimed liberator roaming these dusty ass horse ridden streets that’s killin’ all kinds of folks, played by the “Nah, the Devil don’t look like a demon, he looks like a White man” persona that Ed Harris can embody. Dude is literally the man that wears a Black Hat, just six shootin’ muthafuckas like it’s his life long passion.

Filling out this cast is straight up “worth the price of admission” performers like Thandie Newton, Jeffery Wright, James Marsden and the untouchable Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins’ character straight up looks like Hannibal Lector without the minor detail of eating people. Just menacing as all hell.

So the outlook? Shit looks mad interesting. I love Westerns, but the flip between the frontier landscape and the technological world and how much the two overlap will probably be what decides how great this show can be. Shit droppin’ the first week in October. And Thrones ain’t back for like 9 months after that. You better find a way to fill the hours, fam? This might be a decent step.

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    Check out the original film with Yul Brynner (The King & I) playing Ed Harris’ role.

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