Hold Up, John Diggle Might Be John Stewart?

There’s been some interesting news coming out of Arrow in regards to Diggle. Lord knows, they need it ’cause Season 3 been going hard in the meeeeeeeeeeh as of late. There was a question asked of David Ramsey that he couldn’t give a straight answer to. He was asked about the fan theory that John Diggle is actually Green Lantern John Stewart. Ramsey only responded by saying that the show runners are working on something. He is being kept in the dark about it but the “I’m not saying yes and I’m not saying no” angle gives us enough hope to praaaaaaay this is the case.

Having John Diggle become John Stewart wouldn’t be a hard. Some suggest “Stewart” is his middle name or that he changes his surname due to circumstances that perhaps will keep his family out of danger. Look man, I ain’t here to tell you how to do it, I’m just here to say fucking do it. Diggle is Special-fucking-Forces and a man of the Glock and they done had our boy up in the cave handing Felicity coffee when she was covering the team on her HP desktop computer. Diggle has the same military past as John Stewart. I don’t care if this guy’s got a family, you better send his ass out in the fucking field. Aside from Slade Wilson, Diggle is the only dude that has seasoned experience in actual combat zones..scratch that WAR ZONES.

We can say Ollie was an operative, since we are seeing his time under Waller. However, there is a difference between him being trained to survive, as well as being sent on missions, compared to having a hail of bullets coming down around you and seeing your boy catch a hot one to the head. Ollie had it tough but Diggle’s experience points on loss are capped off already.

With Roy and now Canary joining Team Arrow, Diggle is pushed even further to the back. For him to become a Green Lantern changes the whole scope for the show. We already had super soldiers and metahumans. To now introduce the (Green Lantern) power ring, the greatest weapon in every universe? Everything is changed with this and only for the fucking better. Plus John Stewart didn’t believe in wearing a mask as a Green Lantern. We’ve seen Diggle on countless missions without a mask already so it would be easy for him to state why he wouldn’t rock one. COME ON MAN! COME ON MAN!

THE CW GOT US WONDERING WHAT DIGGLE’S INVOLVEMENT IS WITH JOHN STEWART! WE DAMN WELL KNOW HIS INVOLVEMENT!! Y’all better let the man live, yo. If Diggle gets the ring we know he’d keep it military with all his creations but then they’d have to give him a spin-off show ’cause he’d have to police a whole galaxy. He could re-appear on the show since Green Lantern and Green Arrow always had a friendship, it’s just that now it’ll be established with Diggle-Stewart instead of Hal. The possibility is there, man. Let’s hope the show runners and the CW are brave enough to execute it.

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