The Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #3 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor / Artist: RB Silva / Marvel

The one-time “New Avengers” reunion mission to honor the wishes of their former teammate Wolverine (Logan) takes a huge turn when they discover a larger and much more sinister plot at play.  When Kitty Pryde recruited Tony Stark to reassemble his squad (Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones), they followed a lead about an underworld auction of mutant and enhanced human DNA being held on a submarine. Although Stark is able to purchase the DNA of Danielle Cage (daughter of Luke and Jessica), the interference of Mr. Sinister leads to a hull breach that threatens to sink the entire ship.

Within the Marvel Comics Universe, Wolverine is probably one of just three heroes (Cap ‘Murica and Iron Man himself being the others) for whom the entire pantheon of heroes would risk their own lives. Logan was/is a solider, a ninja, a spy, an assassin, a teacher, and a survivor.  In the initial flashback scene that anchors this series and begins each issue, Logan expresses his true reason for working with the Avengers and that he has information so important that the others are not allowed to hear.

Got Enough DNA? 

Read the fine print on your DNA tests. If “Essex Corporation” appears anywhere on the contract, then you might as well prepare for a clone to replace you.  When Mister Sinister appears at the underworld auction to reclaim the DNA from his collection that is being auctioned off, Wolverine (aka Laura Kinney aka X-23) answers him by slicing off one of his hands.   Spider-Man, Jessica, and Luke keep the pressure on while Iron Man works out a plan to save the submarine. Like father, like daughter, Laura has zero time for f&$@ing around, so she cuts off Sinister’s second hand to make sure he can’t grab anything.  Sinister retreats, allowing time for Iron Man to push the submarine out of the water and onto the Hellicarrier of South Korea’s National Intelligence.

With Laura filling in for her dad, the Avengers interrogate one of the criminals involved in the DNA auction.  They learn that not only were those DNA samples owned and harvested by Sinister, but that he has a much larger facility.  Conveniently enough, Stark has a little bit of money, so he sets the team up with their individual suits of armor castle for a siege on Sinister’s lab.  When they reach the mutant geneticists’ vaults, they discover that not only does he have samples of every person with powers on the planet, but also every human as well.

The End is Nigh

Thus far, this is the best entry into the mini-series.  Taylor delivers a well-paced plot, fun banter that sticks true to the voice of each character, and some great moments with the current Wolverine.The series excels also at not taking itself too seriously, and even takes a tongue in cheek jab at the state of “Wolverine clones” in the MCU.

Taylor just recently wrapped a 36 issue run as the writer of “All-New Wolverine,” so if you’re not getting your fix with Laura’s inclusion in “X-Men Red,” you get another fix right here.  One issue remains and with the reveal of a massive DNA warehouse run by Sinister, I am sure Laura will have much of him to reintroduce to her claws on behalf of her father.

6.6+1 out of 10 (one X-tra point just for Laura Kinney for slicing off both of Mrs. Sinister’s hands)

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