‘Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1’ Gives a Classic Vibe in Sharp Colors

Writer: Gerry Dugan /Artist: Adam Kubert / MARVEL

Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1 is a sigh of relief with an art style to match. One thing that I appreciate about this issue is the art style versus time presentation. We’ve seen it done many times in different variations. They often range from modern realism to quick, sharp strokes. Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1 manages to meet in the middle. It adds texture to the presented narrative and it did not take away from the color schemes.

Though I appreciated the art and how it pays homage to the “classic” form, I felt like its best moments were when major events occurred. That’s great, but there were moments that really could have used some extra attention to bring out the intimacy in a scene. The light in Steve’s eyes versus the shadowing of a door. I love how readers could see the scene like a camera and focus on the parts that matter. But the background has the ability to still be elevated in spite of it not being the center focus of the scene.

Raising the Stakes

This comic pays homage to sharp cuts and extremism. I loved how quick the scenes changed and how it still stayed in line with the storyline. It would be a quick switch from basic coloring to something jarring, then right back to simplicity. It would reflect in both art and narrative especially when testing out Steve Rogers special abilities. This added a layer of humor that I do not think was intentional (to the extent that I laughed). Increasing the stakes is a common humor tactic that introduces absurdity, and I feel like they did this well without erasing the seriousness that was present. The storyline itself was a unique spin on the story of Cap. I felt like it highlighted his best attributes; his loyalty, strength, and perseverance.

What I hope to see in the writing in the future is a form of control on the jumpiness. Granted this was a narrative and it felt introductory but at times it was hard to see where the story was going. One minute we’re testing out weapons, thirty seconds later someone is dead. It reflected the reality of war. Everything seems cool one minute then all of a sudden everything is out of control. If someone is going to go from 0 to 100 real quick, at least show us a glimpse of 59.

Our Hero

The unique perspective of the beloved Steve Rogers is ever growing and the transformations are inevitable. I appreciate Duggan and Kuberts contribution to the various sides of this war hero. Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1 gave off a classical vibe that many comic lovers would enjoy. There were times I felt lost, but it did not take away too much from the experience where I felt like I needed to step away.

7.7 Hologram Shields out of 10


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