Inhuman #13 Review

Writer: Charles Soule/ Art: André Araujo/ Publisher: Marvel

Appropriately named after the most important character of this month’s issue of Inhuman, we see Lineage make moves towards an unclear goal he’s probably been planning from the very moment he set foot on New Atillan – if not before.


Issue number 13 opens up some time after the great battle on New Atillan between their forces and those of The Capo, all over the fate of Iso, a powerful Nuhuman. Our central characters go out to enjoy a side of life that doesn’t involve foreign policy and warfare. Only to have their good time interrupted by a reminder that their lives will never be anything less than extraordinary. Meanwhile, Lineage begins what’s looking to be a new story arc by leaving all of New Atillan’s most experienced warriors either stranded or incapacitated. The final panel of the issue was also reserved for a nice surprise.

This issue worked as solid set-up for conflicts that are probably going to carry the series through to the Secret Wars that are going to take over the summer in Marvel. But it’s going to be more than just a placeholder story, I expect a lot of solid growth and surprises. It’s time for Lineage to shine and I have trouble seeing him waste the spotlight.


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