Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Stefano Caselli / Marvel Comics

Maaaaan, listen. You better respect Rachel/Riri/Reggie when you see her in these Ironheart streets. The strength of the character is shown in spades as we see Riri stripped of her armor, untrained in being a brawler, and armed with nothing but her wits and instincts to save herself. The banter between Riri and Pepper is fun and lively, showing us that even in perilous situations, that Riri is still a kid, able to be lost in wonderment and susceptible to fangirl moments. The legend that is Pepper Potts holds up as well, as we’re shown her ability to be resourceful and essentially survive the attack from Tomoe (or Techno Golem if you’re nasty). A nice Easter egg for those that read the previous book where Tony battled her previously (with commentary for the Tony AI).


Also, we might be past the background exposition I’ve been having mixed feelings about. No prolonged look at Riri’s trauma this time around. Just all about that action, boss. Riri running. Riri trying to wield a sword with humorous results. Riri doing what she does best when she gets a hold of some tech. Riri is well on her way to being everyone’s favorite hero folks, she just needs the reps.


Also, the book looks fantastic. Straight up. The hair, getting better, more consistent. Past that, the action and stage settings look great. Riri isn’t Miles or even Khamala with super abilities, so, appropriately, she still looks like a teenager when she moves (outside of her armor of course).

Even with the cliffhanger ending, this was a pretty great installment and appropriate for the legend building that is Marvel’s newest badass.

9 Cookie Riddled Laptops out of 10

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