“It’s Frustrating, But Somehow I Manage to Pull Through”: An Interview with Killer Show Cosplay

I came across Amy — also known as Kiler Show Cosplay — on Tumblr one day in her oh-so-elegant Rose Quartz cosplay. She really killed it (haha! Sorry!) and I just wanted to know a little more about her. I managed to get a hold of this busy lady and I’m so happy I did.

Black Nerd Problems: Please tell us a little about yourself!

Killer Show Cosplay: Well I’m (currently) a 19-year old sophomore in college. I’m an Art History major with a minor in Arts Management. I’m hoping to open a museum focusing on something cool and interesting that hasn’t been done, but I haven’t found the right subject yet.

BNP: How do you pick the cosplays you do? What is the defining factor in your deciding?

KSC: I would say the biggest factor in deciding what I want to do is the design of the character! I love characters with detail or fancy designs. Usually, it has to be a character of a series that I am familiar with, or at least try to get familiar with. I lean more towards elegant and poofy designs, but recently I’ve been trying to do more armor and industrial themed cosplays.

BNP: What most excites you most about the world of cosplay?

KSC: Mostly making things and meeting other cosplayers! Ever since I started cosplay, I’ve really enjoyed the aspect of making your own things, and getting better as you do it! I also really like the community aspect of the cosplay world. I love meeting people who like the same things as me, and I love the fact that we can get together as fans to share our creations.


BNP: How involved are you in the process? Do you make the outfits you wear?

KSC: I try to make everything I wear in a cosplay. From props to sewing, I try to do it all. Sometimes it does get really difficult, especially with bigger props and more complicated costumes, but I always like to challenge myself to see if I can actually complete the costume. It’s frustrating, but I somehow manage to pull through. Although now I’m considering buying a cosplay soon, especially since school is getting more and more busy as time goes on.

BNP: Do you have any funny or heartwarming stories while cosplaying from cons you’ve attended?

KSC: I think the most heartwarming story I have is when a child came up to me when I was dressed as Rose Quartz and said, “Wow! You are such a beautiful princess.” I was a little taken aback, but I complimented her as well. It was super cute!

BNP: How did you come to choose Rose Quartz (Steven Universe) to cosplay? Who is she to you as a character? Those Rose Quartz photos went viral and people are loving them! How has the Steven Universe been treating you?


KSC: Well first, I love her design! I love that she’s in this beautiful white ball gown, it’s like she’s untouchable. Also her color scheme is the best. I mean, my favorite colors in a cosplay? How could I pass that up? As a character, Rose Quartz is a mystery.

She decides to save the earth and betray her home world, and while she’s doing this she’s trying to figure out human emotions. I think that is how we are similar. I’m not really trying to save the Earth or anything, but I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with human emotions and interactions. I kind of believe we are all like Rose, in a way.

BNP: Is there anything you’d like to see more of in the cosplay community? Or has there been an improvement in those areas since you first began?

KSC: I think there are a ton of things in the cosplay community that needs to be addressed, but I think the main issues that I see, especially since they affect me, are about racism. As a Black cosplayer, it’s very tiring to see your effort being diminished or completely ignored because you’re Black.

Often, it makes me or others want to quit. When I started, there wasn’t really any POC representation in cosplay, but as time goes on things like #28daysofblackcosplay and the cosplaying while black tumblr pops up.

This not only creates safe spaces for cosplayers of color, but it also gives us exposure to showcase our talents. Hopefully in the future there will be even more websites and hashtags to show the world how amazing Black and other POCs are at cosplaying!

BNP: What was your very first cosplay? Was it difficult to make and/or put together?

KSC: My very first cosplay was Miku Hatsune from the Love is War PV. I was about 13 or 14, and it took me a few months to make the cosplay. After many mistakes, I finally got it to a decent status, and wore it to Anime Mid Atlantic! The most difficult part was the pleated skirt and the megaphone prop. I was too broke to buy an actual megaphone, so I used a funnel.


BNP: Do you have any “cosplay idols”? Anyone who inspired you to start cosplaying?

KSC: The person who first got me into cosplay was actually Kamui. I love her amazing prop work and armor builds, and I’m hoping to get to that level one day. Now, I have a few people that I do enjoy following and seeing their progress. Maki Rolle, Geisha Vi, PeachiBunni, and Trash-Kin Cosplay are a few. Watching them achieve such great things makes me want to continue too.

BNP: Lastly, what are your goals and at what conventions or events can people next find you next?

KSC: I’m moving more towards Armor cosplays! I feel like I will have a challenging but fun time making massive armor sets, and it is also a drastic change to what I usually tend to cosplay. Personally, I’m just looking to graduate school and open my museum.

Hopefully by the time I graduate, I will find a topic that I extremely enjoy, and I can dive into research for that, but until then, I’m keeping myself busy with cosplay. Right now, I go to conventions in the DMV area, but I’m hoping to expand to more places once I get a little bit older. You can probably find me at Katsucon and Magfest next!

See more of Amy on her Facebook page and her Deviant art page!

Photo Credits:
Glam Tiana photo was taken by Madi Cosplay and Photography
Rose Quartz photos –MuchkinPhotos
LSP was taken by Flutter Tee photography 

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