writer: Geoff Johns / artist: Scott Kolins

The Justice League or a study in Lex Luthor: The Man, The Myth, The Heroey Villain continues this month as it deals with more lingering Forever Evil fallout. Lex is still at the center of this book, given different scenarios while fighting along Superman or doing humanitarian missions with Wonder Woman. His scene with Superman felt a bit more genuine as I cracked the H__ up when he tried to suggest that Batman was obsolete because he was now around. The scene with Diana felt a bit forced though, as we are led to believe that some little child with a flower had the potential to melt Luthor’s heart. I don’t think Luthor ever had a problem understanding compassion and caring…he just doesn’t care about either of those. It wasn’t a total miss, but it did ring a bit ‘meh.’ There were other interesting parts to the issue the Flash had some hands on training with Jessica Cruz in controlling power ring (though it did beg the question more of why its so hard to get Hal Jordan back into this book) and Shazam basically asking to go out and play while Cyborg was having repairs done. All in all, it did yield some surprises which make next issue seem really interesting, but this was more about moving chess pieces around than anything else.

While the writing of this month’s Justice League gets a passing grade, not sure if the art does. Let me clarify: it doesn’t. The faces are especially rough as the panels with Lex Luthor and Diana Prince basically make them look like twins. Everything is very soft and bland, adding nothing to the story and actually becoming distracting at times.

Justice League moves some pieces around (again) and deals with plenty of holdovers from Forever Evil (again). It’s not a bad issue by any means, but just kind of jogs in place for the real conflict coming between Luthor and the rest of the Justice League. The art though…yeah, can’t vouch for that one.


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