Kim Reaper #2 Review

Writer: Sarah Graley / Artist: Sarah Graley / Oni Press

The second issue of Kim Reaper #2 picks up the ball and keeps it rolling and I L-O-V-E it! If I had any doubts (Ok, I was like 87% sold on “YEAH, I’LL READ THE NEXT ISSUE. K. THANKS. BYE.”), Issue #2 confirms why I would have to read more. Becka and Kim are still at the location of Kim’s foiled reaping and…sweet Becka pulls a pep talk that makes me want to call her Coach. And then, of course, there is this fiasco, this disaster waiting to happen: [SNORT LAUGH]


Narrative wise, we learn more about Kim and the powers extended to her via her part time Grim Reapin’: her awesome scythe grants her the ability to go almost anywhere via portals she can create. This means she can impress a wide eyed cutie AND wield more experience with possibly dealing with all the weird junk that just comes with the job.

kim reaper 2

Truly, this comic is ALL OVER THE PLACE but that isn’t bad in my book: it’s the exact opposite. I’m loving how unpredictable and hilarious the comic stays and also how it each issue really feels like a complete episode of a show that totally has replay value. As I’ve said in my last review: Kim Reaper is just a whole lot of fun.

It still is and Graley confidently walks the line of crafting a story this issue around that resolves some conflict, brings in some stellar panels of cuteness [blushing and all], lots of laughs, the supernatural busyness and more conflict that sets up our next issue perfectly.

We’ve also been given a better feel of who both Kim and Becka are in more depth, respectfully. Let’s be honest: many of us would let success go to our head and cloud our judgement leading us to make some questionable calls in the field. Not too many people can look a potential bae right in the face after an awesome date and tell them that they have some issues to work on.

I soooooooooo can’t wait for issue number three. This is a new fave and a new addition for my for my pull list. Kim Reaper is just too good to stay away from. You get your laughs, your budding queer romance, weirdness and bad puns. Do yourself a solid and pick it if you haven’t already.

8.5 Ships-Cause-This-Is-Now-My-Ship-I-Don’t-Care-If-It-Is-Haunted Out Of 10


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