Warning: Spoilers for the end of Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the Avengers: Endgame to the Kingdom Hearts series. After 12 games and 17 years, we finally got a conclusion to our story and the answers to all our questions. Ok, we got some answers and new questions but overall it was a satisfying end to the “Sora Saga” and set itself up for future installments with an all new story. What the new DLC, “Re Mind,” offers is more substance to the final battle and conclusion.

“Re Mind” gives a behind the scenes look of the final confrontation between our heroes and villains. In the base game after the final battle, Sora leaves to go rescue Kari. The DLC shows exactly what actions Sora takes, risking it all to save his beloved friend. He actually affected story beats in the base game unbeknownst to the characters, and us at the time. The actual gameplay is a mix of new fights and fights we’ve already had but with a twist or two. The battles were already big and bombastic but the DLC manages to add some more big exciting and even more heartfelt moments that fit perfectly to broaden the story.

Once you finish the campaign, you get access to the Organization XIII boss fights. For those wanting a good challenge, these are extra hard remixes of each organizational member’s boss fights throughout the series. If you defeat all of them then you gain access to the secret ending and secret boss fight. That’s basically it, boss fights and more story. For me, it was good. It had some great moments in the final fights that were a nice addition for the other characters and some really challenging boss fights, but I don’t know if it truly justified it’s price tag of $30.

All and all, it’s ok. If you enjoyed Kingdom Hearts 3 than you will enjoy the DLC. It gives a fuller more satisfying ending to the overall story while getting you excited for a new one. And the extra boss battles are what longtime fans come to expect. However it is a little small for a $30 DLC. It is mostly story and if you didn’t like the direction the KH3 story went, then this isn’t going to change your mind.

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