Writer: Greg Pak / Artist: Mirko Colak / Dark Horse Comics

Thus far, Greg Pak’s sci-fi/fantasy/western, Kingsway West has most of the things it needs to be a contender for Best Book On The Shelves. However, it’s debut issue seemed to be missing something. Whether it was that extra bit of character development or world building….that lack of an X factor just seemed to be missing that would push it from being a good book to a truly great book.


Fortunately, Issue #2 cleans up a lot of these issues. Pak delivers a far tighter book here now that he’s free to get down to the business of delving into these characters and offering us meatier insights as to their motivations. And it’s worth mentioning that Kingsway Law comes across as a much more compelling, complex character here, a moody gunslinger constantly pulled back into drawing his pistol. The story seems to draw him further back into a violent, chaotic world he’s seen enough of and would rather leave to its own devices as more is revealed about Law’s unwanted travel companion. As far as artwork goes, Mirko Colak is the man for the job, creating a world that ranges from desolate to cold and industrial to downright ridiculous. This issue sees a vast improvement in attention paid to detail in the faces. Characters are way more expressive than before and it really brings out the emotion in Pak’s script.

Bottom Line: Kingsway West was already solid, but with better pacing, focus on character development and a half step up in facial expressions….a good read suddenly turns into a must read. pic2

9 Duels at High Noon out of 10

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