For many of us growing up, Star Trek was a show that ventured more on the action/adventure side of sci-fi. Sure, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise found itself knee-deep in fuzzy spores called tribbles or seeking common ground with new lifeforms, but oftentimes, problems were solved with a call to action…usually answered by a “leap first/look later” starship captain named James Tiberius Kirk. And though he kept us captivated as the Optimus Prime of Starfleet captains (sorry, Picard fans), the show’s mascot was, without question, Kirk’s straitlaced first officer, Spock.

Played by Leonard Nimoy, Spock descended from a race of emotionally detached, logic-based Vulcans. He often served as Capt. Kirk’s calmer, more analytical counterpart in times of crisis. Spock quickly became a fan favorite among the show’s beloved “Trekkies” and Nimoy—the very appearance of him in anything, whether it was Transformers: The Movie (not The Michael Bay Monstrosity That We Shall Not Speak Of), with the likes of Casey Kasem and Orson Welles, or the sleeper hit television series Fringe—became a symbol of sorts.

Regrettably, that symbol, at the age of 83, has begun his journey into the Final Frontier. Nimoy lost his battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Friday morning. He was survived his wife, Susan, and kids, Adam and Julie.


His character and he himself were the worthiest of testaments to the phrase, “Mind over matter.” His global following wasn’t the result of being the most attractive member of the Enterprise or even the toughest. There was a poise, a sense of royalty to his presence that only fans of the genre could truly understand. His unmistakable, sonorous voice was undeniably etched into American pop culture for now and for always. Actor, author, director, poet, musician—more than anyone else that comes to mind, Leonard Simon Nimoy was and shall always be the epitome of nerd cool.


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