Lois Lane #11 Review

Lois Lane #11 Cover

Writer: Greg Rucka / Artist: Mike Perkins / DC Comics

A couple questions popped into my mind reading this week’s Lois Lane. Like, “Why does Mister Bones have lipstick on his head?”, “Is that woman wearing The Question’s mask?” and “Is Mister Bones rocking a halter top?”. Lois Lane #11 was the latest comic I dove headfirst into with no context because of the writer. Rucka is at the turning point in this tale of Lois Lane and a crime cult. Most of the background drama is of course lost on me but it felt like watching a cool fight scene from an anime you haven’t watched yet. You think, “Not sure what’s going on, but I definitely want to”. It helps that Rucka is a great storyteller. The dialogue was dramatic and the letterer, Simon Bowland, conveyed the tone of the words with his use of different texts and speech bubble styles. Funny enough, being smack dab in the middle of an action scene and being impressed is exactly what I remember reading Rucka’s other work, Lazarus.

The hero of this book, though, is Mike Perkins, the artist. He chose dark hues that work well with a cult ceremony/ brawl. He didn’t use the darkness as an excuse to use less detail and put impressive energy and skill into the lighter parts of the pages. I particularly noticed the detail and light he put in the scenes outside the fight that were close ups of Lois Lane’s face. I’ll be checking out the back issues and see if the rest of the series is as impressive.

8 “Cult Fights” out of 10

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