Loki: Agent of Asgard #11 Review

Writer:Al Ewing / Artist: Lee Garbett / Marvel

Things are in a bad way for Loki. Thor served his ass up to Asgard to get dealt that justice and now he is getting shunned by all the other gods. Everyone is heart broken over him killing the young child Loki. He literally gets the cold shoulder treatment. Only Sif is the one that recognizes that he isn’t the true evil Loki. The All Mother got Loki banished as well but it is through Odin that Loki is able to arrive back on Earth. However, his future evil self is there to ruin eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything. He has isolated Loki and it is not looking good for the echo of his former self.


It’s rough for this trickster god out here man. Loki is trying to change but his old ways and old self have caught up to him and cost him everything, especially his friendships. Ewing has future Loki very Shakespearean with his mannerisms and jest and Garbett does a great job of displaying that visually with his body language. I feel like I am watching a play whenever I see future Loki appear on stage. It truly is an old vs modern battle between two characters that we are witnessing. It would appear though that older Loki still has all the control as the next issue deals with all the things that shall come to be.

It’s been a long arc but I feel as if Ewing is about to put everything out on the table for us. We’ve seen old Loki time traveling and setting things up for himself for a while now. The fruition of all his efforts seems to be culminating for the visual towards his ultimate victory. One our present day Loki is going to fall victim to eventually.


  • Omar Holmon is a content editor that is here to make .gifs, obscure references, and find the correlation between everything Black and Nerdy.

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