Loki: Agent of Asgard #14 Review

Writer:Al Ewing / Artist:Lee Garbett / Marvel

The new Loki debuts yet again but this time with a resurrection on his own terms, or should we say her rather? We see Loki switch the gender scheme once again as he turns into a woman this time. The world is going up in flames as we are seeing the final incursion happen and new new Loki has a plan that involves Verity.


Ewing doesn’t have the main focus on Loki this issue, the main portion is Odin becoming aware for the incursion and trying to inform others. We see the dire situation the incursions has placed upon the Marvel universe as even now Asgard is worried about it. Well Odin at least as he has to convince everyone that this threat shadows all other world ending threats that came prior. Garbett is a pro on the art with the an entirely new feel that Loki has in appearance and attitude but as well as capturing the mythical feel of Asgard. the detail on Odin was another portion of the book I really enjoyed.

We’re going to be seeing how Asgard comes into play with the incursion thanks to Ewing. This raises a lot of questions going into the next issue as to whether this falls into Loki’s plans all along as well as what the future evil Loki plans to do about all of this.


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