Life is Strange is BACK with another one!!! Personally, I was hype! The first thing I always do when playing these games is check my text messages. I received nothing but loving and positive messages from friends and family regarding saving Kate Marsh’s life. This was very hard for me in Episode 2, because every choice you made at that point could not be changed. In Episode 3, we learn a little more about Max’s and Chloe’s relationship. The events that went on in Episode 2 deeply affect the characters here. What makes Life is Strange so successful is that we learn so much about different characters and the world Max lives in despite the fact that Max could change it at any given moment. The beginning and parts of the middle of Episode 3 give you some chill time from the horrific ending of episode 2, but still ends with a jaw dropper. Like literally, my jaw dropped at the end. Developer Dontnod took a huge risk by ending episode 3 the way they did and I’m glad, because it made me very excited for Episode 4.

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If Max ever needed to use her time-changing power the most, Episode 3 is where it’s at. The developers have really taken her power to a whole ‘nother level. Now she’s able to go back in time and rewrite the past. She’s also able to get information about people and use it against them without revealing how. I know, mind blowing right?! My favorite part was exploring Max’s school, the Blackwell Academy, and learning how to build a DIY bomb (don’t try this at home kids!). Using the bomb to open a door, enter a room, and then rewinding before she built the bomb just shows how much power Max has. She’s probably just as powerful as Ashton Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect!


Overall, I really liked the episode. However, the ability to rewind and change your choices is starting to feel over-used. I found myself only rewinding in situations where I needed to get further into the game such as getting information and using it against people. Since Max has now discovered that she can go into the past, the story and her power will go into a new direction and I’m excited about that. The end of episode 3 was very heart breaking and I actually feel sympathy for Max now. Since Max changed a huge event in the past, I’m curious to see how the world will be now in Episode 4.


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