Long Lost #6 Review

Writer: Matthew Erman / Artist: Lisa Sterle / Scout Comics

This issue of Long Lost starts off in the past, in memories from long ago, in happier times when Piper and Francis were much younger. They are pages with a lighter tone with kid Francis and kid Piper being exactly who they are until we see what is probably the first traumatic event involving their unstable mother running out from the woods. That particular page just screams FRIGHT, and it is a startling jump in the narrative to remind us where we are: last issue Piper and Frances left somewhere no one else could follow them and here they arrive at a place long forgotten.

I thought things couldn’t get darker but as I read on, I was surely mistaken as the sisters arrive to this place of old that they never thought they’d ever see again. What really works on the art side this issue is the framing of certain scenes and playing up the tonality of the color scheme as we trek further with each pages. As Francis and her sister keep on, ironically more light is shed on who their mother was, her connection to the well, and the mysteries of the woods. Sterle makes sure to bring her A game to the scenes within the house as they really demonstrate this, and there are a variety to the facial emotions that we see flicker across faces and in the action scenes.

What works with the story is as things keep going from 0-100, as the bizarre keeps jumping in bed with otherworldy, Erman stays penning the story and keeps inserting the girls and how they have to be each other’s anchor. As a reader, I keep hoping in my hearts of hearts that they can find the answers they need and get the hell outta dodge, but sadly it’s become very clear that Piper and Francis are as connected and apart of this God awful place; there is no going anywhere anytime soon. Hazel Patch is a ruin of a place that has secrets and ills that can’t be bottled up, shut away or buried anymore…Long Lost has be consistent in drawing me into each issue, playing up tension and not overdoing the horror aspect. I am always looking forward to seeing what madness escapes the cage and sets out in all these delicious connecting threads that, as a reader, I’m still thinking about days after I read.

This issue marks the first conclusion to the first story arc of Long Lost! If you loved this comic so far, consider picking up the first tradeback of the first six issues. It will be available in shops Jun 27, 2018, and you can pre-order it with this preview code: APR181735. For Comixology buying folks, the first few issues are up online for purchase! You can follow the creative team, Matthew and Lisa, on Twitter.

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