Attempt #1: New York State of Mind – “I don’t even know how to start this shit…”

Attempt #2: New York State of Mind Part II –

It’s time man (Word, it’s time?)
Straight up, it’s time man [New York, New York]
Aight, set that shit off [New York, New York]
(Set it off then avenger, set it off)

Broken glass in the hallway, bloodstained floors
Neighbors, look at every bag you bring through your doors
Lock the top lock, momma shoulda cuffed me to the radiator
Why not? It might’ve saved later from my block
N.Y. cops —

nah, nah, let me try this shit again

Attempt #3:A synopsis –

Hoody up. Fuck this cold Harlem night air on my bald head.

Who’s car is this? Fuck it.

Fuck your driver side door and the full coverage you got from Safe Auto cuz they ain’t gonna believe yo ass.

Is that a locked door? Well fuck that too.


Homie tried to run up on me and I curled him up in the car door like I was hand rolling a croissant?

Fuck his personal space

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We fighting in the hallway? Fuck Daredevil season one and two, I’m literally taking this building apart.

Skin unbreakable fam, fuck them blades.

Cat ran up on me, you getting pushed into the ceiling. Fuck gravity.

Oh they shootin’ automatics at me? Well fuck them shells. And fuck this hoody I’m rockin’,

clothing budget on fleek.

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Fuck running it back at normal speed, these bullets be jumping off your boy in slow motion.

I see you behind the cage. Fuck the gat you spittin’ at me and the bars you hiding behind. Front kick, fuck it style.

Oh, Remy Danton made it out of DC and trying to corrupt Harlem? Well fuck that, I’m just getting started.

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  • Zo

    I was sold once I heard the piano keys,Wu Tang and Luke Cage it gets no better!!!

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