writer: Cullen Bunn; art: Javier Fernandez

It’s probably time to admit that Magneto is possibly becoming one of Marvel’s best books. What began as an OK, yet interesting book devoted to the Metal Slangin’ Gawd, has become a consistently engaging and brutal book. Bunn doesn’t necessarily focus on diving deep into the psyche of such a popular character in his own series, but more so on expanding the legend of a man on an unflinching quest protect the mutant race. Bunn also plays with the storytelling in this issue a lot more than the previous linear installments. The moving narrative and action of the story is told in sections while in the present, we see Magneto going to ground as he prepares for what may be the next arc of the story.

The action is a bit stronger than the exposition, but that may be because the action is that good in this issue. Fernandez does a great job of showing the ruthlessness and brutality of Magneto without it ever feeling over-done. As I’ve said about previous issues, the aspect of Magneto not being at his strongest with his mutant abilities really lends itself to how innovative the creative team can be when showing Magneto dispose of his enemies.

This book is hitting its stride as this month may be its best yet. It has officially moved into “when does this book come out this month?” status.


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