writer: Cullen Bunn, art: Gabriel Hernandez Walta

I have made no attempt to hide my enjoyment of the Metal Slangin Gawd’s solo book and its progression as it continues build a cynical and dark world around him. This issue was a slower one that didn’t have much present day action, but the introduction of a new character offset that as it might be the first person in this book who can match wits with Magneto. Might be. Briar, the new woman in question seems to have all the information on Magneto, S.H.I.E.L.D. and all points in between without really revealing her motive. That sounds like a dangerous situation for Eric, but one assumes that he might know what he’s doing to entrust a stranger.

What this issue also succeeded in was giving Magneto a target to aim at in the embodiment of the Marauders, a Mutant Hate group with the means to do real damage. While we don’t always need a big bad in these revenge / vigilante type of arcs, it is nice to have something more specific than “S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Projects” for Magneto to be going after. I’m anxious to see the showdowns this will bring in coming books, provided its not all a ruse by Briar.

Magneto continues to power forward, even in a slower issue this month. But the lack of action are set off by the introduction of a new character and new dynamic for the book with uncertainty and unpredictability.


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