March Multimedia Madness 2021: Team Culper Ring of Fire

Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet has access to more than 100 different bodies of armor and more than 200 weapons, each with its own advantages and special abilities, and she’s mastered the use of ALL OF THEM. And she can summon them at a moment’s notice.  In other words, no matter how you come at her you better come correct and not miss, because she probably has something especially crafted just to put you on the ground. 

Not to mention that she’s one of the strongest fighters in the world’s strongest guild and even terrified people who can fight dragons. 

TLDR: Erza is a one-woman wrecking crew and has the power of an entire battalion at her fingertips. 

Maki Oze

Maki is what you get when you combine natural talent and hard work. As a second-generation fire soldier, she has the ability to manipulate flames. In her particular case, she controls two living balls of fire from long distances to handle her opponents before they can even get close to her. Not to mention that she’s since upgraded her gear so that each of them are inside their own mini-mech cannons that can land one heck of a punch. 

But let’s say an opponent just so happens to catch her off guard or gets past her fire spirits’ defenses. She’s military-trained to the point where she KO’d a pair of prodigies with her hand-to-hand combat skills. And don’t even get me started on what happens when she gets mad…

Agent 355

Agent 355 was tasked with the impossibly impossible task of safeguarding the last known (cis) man on the entire planet. This is while multiple world powers are trying to kidnap him to repopulate their ranks, terrifying cults are trying to murder him to finish what they believe was divine intervention, and many other threats and distractions crossed their paths. 

Do you know how resourceful and deadly you have to be to even take on that job?

And that’s ignoring the fact that she’s a super-spy for one of the most secretive organizations in the world with total recall. I’m not entirely sure how that last part could benefit her in a fight, but I’m sure she’ll find a way. 

Ah Toy

Warrior’s Ah Toy is a force to be reckoned with. Ah Toy’s first introduced as the charming madam of a Chinatown brothel only to quickly be revealed as a dual-machete-wielding vigilante who spends her nights killing racists who have abused her people and gotten away with it. 

She’s got the weapons training down as she can take someone’s head clean off with one swipe, but also a beast in hand-to-hand combat that allows her to always be ready to throw down. 

Ty Lee

Let’s get one thing straight. Ty Lee could take away people’s bending abilities before Amon was a twinkle in his daddy’s eye! With her precise knowledge of nerve endings, she could leave anyone immobile, bender or not. 

She was out here fighting alongside one of the best fire benders in the world while fighting against a water-bending prodigy, the best earth bender alive, and THE F*^$IN AVATAR and HELD. HER. OWN. 

Ty Lee is so cold with the flips and chi blocking that her opponents won’t even know what happened before they’re face-first in the dirt wondering why they can’t feel their toes. 

Big Mom (Captain)

As one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, Big Mom is one of the absolute strongest people in the entire world of One Piece. Like, we’re talking top 10 and not 10 here. 

Almost anyone she faces off against is going to turn back scared because she’s the size of a house (29 feet tall) and fights like it. And as the owner of the soul-soul fruit, she has a special ability that literally allows her to snatch your soul out of your body and do whatever she wants with it. 

Lastly, we have to talk about what happens when Big Mom gets angry, hungry, or—Bast forbid—hangry. These moments are so terrifying that they’re probably on the scale of a natural disaster. Big Mom has destroyed entire cities when she was angry and eaten entire villages (as in PEOPLE) when she was hungry. 

She’s the captain of this team for a reason. And that reason is that she’s already got the crown. 

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