March Multimedia Multiverse Madness, Match 4: Shuri v. Morgiana

March Madness 2022

First Up: Shuri


Lorenzo: *cue Yugen Blakrok’s “Opps” verse*

Shuri’s power comes from Bast herself, so there’s really no point in her even lifting a perfectly manicured finger to dispose of a lightweight wearing glorified Skip Its. Morgiana better pray she dies from tetanus with them rusty legs before the Queen of Wakanda gets to her cuz Shuri will leave her poorly illustrated hide slashed and her soul snatched.

The Wakandan heavyweight already had enhancements from the Heart Shaped Herb that gave her super strength, speed, stamina and edges. Then she went on a spiritual journey through Wakanda’s collective memory to gain the powers of a Bastdamned griot. Now, as the Griot of Wakanda, Shuri’s got enhanced durability and a stone form to take care of any direct attacks. She also has enhanced speed that’ll have old girl tripping over her built-in jump ropes. On top of all that, now she can turn into either a flock of black birds or one giant bird for a devastating attack.

Ca-caw ca-caw, mutha****a.

Oh, but that’s not all. Griot’s ultimate attack is summoning an army of fallen Wakandan warriors to fight for her. What is Morgiana gonna do when the dead crew comes through? Get stomped out, that’s what. All Shuri has to do is sit back while the undead gang drags her away like Carl in Ghost. The redhead will end up dead, but don’t worry. Morgiana’s embarrassing defeat will be immortalized in the stories Shuri tells to the next generation of Wakandan warriors.

Such is the duty of a Griot.

Facing: Morgiana

Chris: Okay, I’ll give Shuri some props. She holds her own in and out of the Black Panther suit but Morgiana is going to give her the business. I’m not saying that it’s not going to be close. Both fighters are skilled in the art of ass whippings. What puts my girl Morgiana over the top is raw talent. If you don’t know, Morgiana is Fanalis, a tribe of red haired bad asses whose kicks can split your whole soul in half. Seriously, these folks are beyond broken. Look it up. How you going to fight someone who can break metal with their bare legs?

Shuri is going to have a problem on her hands. Morgiana once kick boxed four sabretooth tigers in less than 15 seconds. She was the original breaker of chains before Khaleesi on Game of Thrones got it poppin’ in Westeros, and trained with the best martial artist in her world. I don’t care how much tech or enhanced abilities Shuri has, it ain’t topping Morgiana’s speed and strength. Home girl goes from zero to 60 faster than a Lambo. Not only that, but Morgiana’s Magical household vessels give her them Kratos-type chains. A quick one, two, uppercut combo and then she going to throw those magic flames that Shuri won’t know what to do with.

Yeah, Vibranium is nice and all but Morgiana is bringing too much heat for Shuri. What Morgiana did to them tigers is light work compared to what she is going to do to this little panther cub. By the end of the match, she’s going to be standing over Shuri asking, “Is this your Queen?!”

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