March Multimedia Multiverse Madness, Match 7: Korra v. Jen – Time Force Pink Ranger

March Madness 2022

First up: Korra from Legend of Korra

Chris: Jen? Jen who? Listen, I don’t know who you is but you not about to put down my girl Korra. She’s the Avatar, and you gotta deal with it. What’s a time cop to the master of the four elements of the universe? Korra’s whole life has been nothing but throwing them hands. She was out here bending three elements by the age of four like a boss and trained with the best benders from all four corners of the world. The Power Rangers getting smacked by putty guys on the regular. Henchman! My girl, if you can’t handle henchman on your own, what you fittin’ to do to Korra?

What does Jen have in her arsenal that Korra can’t handle? A couple of blasters and a toy sword. I’m going give you my best Ed Lover—c’mon, son! Korra has been dodging fire, earth, water, and air benders her whole life. Before you know it, she’s going to be boxing all of the elements at you before you can even pull the trigger on your little time pistol. Korra has the better power set and her distance game is on point. I don’t care how many matrix bullet dodges you can do, Jen can’t fight for long when you got the whole world against you.

Fighting against: Jen, the Time Force Pink Ranger

Lorenzo: Korra’s got the 5-day forecast on her side, but her lack of discipline will be her downfall. Jen Scotts is a top-ranking officer from the Time Force Police Academy in the year 3000, so she’s already centuries ahead when it comes to throwing ‘bows. Her hand-to-hand combat? Top notch. Her weapons training? Unmatched. Her strategy skills? Next level. She didn’t become the first Pink Ranger to lead a team of Power Rangers by throwing temper tantrums at her instructors. Her razor-sharp determination and nerves of steel have helped her dodge elemental attacks from futuristic mutants for years. And when she can’t dodge in time, her suit allows her to take countless hits and keep going. How many people you know get blasted into the air then stand up and keep fighting like it was nothing?

Jen. Is. That. Ranger. Dual wielding Chrono blasters, knocking out hordes of Cyclobots with the accuracy. And her beautiful Chrono sabers slicing through time like cold cuts. Her suit gives her the speed to dodge bullets, so all she has to do is wait for hot-headed Korra to create an opening, and she can send a Time Strike to both her arms. And while Korra’s flailing around cuz she couldn’t keep her cool, Jen will send her a gift-wrapped shot from her V5 Blaster to finish the job. Korra should be thankful that the #1 Pink Ranger to ever do it is gonna put her in the dirt.

She’ll finally be one with her elements.


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