March Multimedia Multiverse Madness, Match 6: Yoruichi v. Black★Rock Shooter

March Madness 2022

Next in the ring: Yoruichi from Bleach

Willie: If you don’t know who Yoruichi is, she’s one of the top fighters in the Bleach universe. A universe filled with beings and entities who can straight up alter reality without a second thought. These beings have swords with powers that can instantly freeze you to death. They can create impenetrable armor, or harness the energy of the universe and create an unstoppable killing machine.

You know what Yoruichi says to these astronomical entities? “Catch these hands.” Yoruichi is faster than the human eye can see. Faster than any magical bullets or appearing and disappearing weapons. Even if her opponent can’t be killed, she can incapacitate them quicker than they can say “Bankai”. She once appeared to get hit by the fastest squad captain and then she just popped up on his arm like “What’s up, you good? I picked up some food on the way here”.

Yoruichi’s most prominent weapons consist of her fists (which is really all she needs) and a special armor designed to withstand blasts. She also has beams that can level an entire city in seconds. She can easily punch through these devastating attacks while still looking fresh to death and taunting her opponent. She’s never been hit by any bullet no matter how fast or powerful. Even if a bullet somehow got to her, she’s fast enough to look at the bullet, look back at her opponent with a smile, and dodge. Swift and clean.

BRS can take some heavy hits. She can even be impaled and keep on trucking, but Yoruichi has incapacitated cosmic-level beings. You know how fast and how hard you have to punch for someone who can ALTER REALITY to be afraid to take a hit? Faster and stronger than anything BRS can dish out. That’s for sure.

Joined by: Black★Rock Shooter from the Otherworld

Black★Rock Shooter
Lauren: The key to this battle is endurance, and Black★Rock Shooter’s got it in spades — stars, even.

Let’s talk facts. BRS’ home, the Otherworld, consists of residents who exist purely to fight each other — all day, every day, no exceptions. This means things we take for granted such as food, water, or even the detection of pain don’t have much value.

BRS can also take massive amounts of damage in just her regular form, including a drill through her stomach. She’s been smashed by a mallet wielded by an entity at least 20 times her size, and had spiked tank wheels ramming at high speed into her face. In fact, it’s arguable whether any of the Otherworld beings can be permanently killed. More like painfully inconvenienced. Pair this with a complete lack of emotions and you’ve got an unstoppable killer that reacts by instinct rather than thought out strategy.

As for weapons, we’re looking at a sword, a massive blade, and a cannon gun capable of firing 20 bullets per second or transforming into a three-barreled gatling gun with enough fire power to mow down an army. The kicker? They all live in hammer space, so it’s any opponent’s guess as to when they’ll be summoned or even in what form.

The fight goes down like this: Yoruichi’s fast, she’s got lightning powers, she even got a few weapons of her own, but you know what? She’s gotta get tired sometime, and I can’t imagine facing an opponent who doesn’t even react to whatever you throw at her will help. In the meantime BRS’ bullets magically replenish and her weapons will keep appearing and disappearing when convenient, adding damage to Yoruichi but never slowing BRS down. Throw BRS around, hit her with kidō, hell, take a limb or two and she keeps going.

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